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NewbieInfo: CharacterCreation

Creating a character on Aardwolf is very simple. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind.

Picking a Name

Try to be inventive and don't worry about what other people will think of your name. On Aardwolf most of the players care about what you say not what your name is. If you can't think of a name, try a baby name or fantasy name generator web page.

Color Codes

After picking a name and setting your password, you'll be asked if your terminal can display color codes. For almost everyone this answer should be yes.

Picking your Class and Race

This is perhaps the most important choice you'll make for your new character.


In Aardwolf you have the opportunity to play as 7 different classes:

Although any class is playable, some have more benefits for a new player than others. In particular, many players consider the Warrior and the Mage to be the strongest classes because they are very focused.

If you have a hard time deciding what class to play, I would recommend warrior. It is a class that will allow you to hit your enemies hard, without the need to remember the spellup and attack spells of the mage.


Subclasses are very new to Aardwolf. This is revolutionary way to take the seven primary classes and make them a little more unique. Different subclasses have different unique skills. Right now, the framework is in for subclasses but not completely fleshed out. It is a huge project that we are coding at the moment. Below is a list of subclasses available.

         Mage            Cleric          Thief       Warrior      
         -------------   -------------   ----------  --------
         Elementalist    Martyr          Assassin    Barbarian      
         Enchanter       Priest          Ninja       Soldier        
         Sorcerer        Oracle          Bandit      Berserker      
                         Harmer          Venomist    Blacksmith     

         Ranger          Paladin         Psionicist
         ---------       ------------    ------------
         Crafter         Guardian        Empath         
         Hunter          Knight          Mindflayer     
         Shaman          Avenger         Navigator      
                         Inquisitor      Necromancer 


After picking your class, the mud will ask you to pick your race. A list of good racial combos, a list of bad racial combos, and a list with all other races will be given.

Please note that it is strongly recommended that you pick from the list of good racial combos. If you choose to pick from the list of bad combos you will find you have a harder time leveling up. If you pick from the list of normal races, you will miss out on the benefits the recommended races can grant to your character's chosen class.

The Races of Aardwolf - Click for a list of races, and more detailed information about each one.


I would recommend you simply play a character of the same gender you are in rl (real life). This choice will have an affect only on your interactions with your fellow players.

Email Address

Choosing to add in an e-mail address is entirely optional. I highly recommend adding it in, since if you ever forget your password, then you can contact the Immortals and they will be able to reset the password for you and send this new password to the e-mail address you have added here. Your e-mail address is automatically flagged as private so other characters will not be able to see it.

Experience Level

I recommend you set this to 1. This simply notifies the helpers and advisors that a new player has arrived who has never played Aardwolf before.

Congratulations on creating your character!

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