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Help Channels

Basic Syntax: Type 'Channels' to see a list.
              Type [channel name] to toggle on / off.
              Use '[channel] *off [minutes]' to turn off temporarily.
              Use 'channels curse' to see a list of curse allowed channels.
              Use '[channel] -h' or '[channel] -h <# lines / text>' to see 
              channel history.

Further details and other usage options are in the wall of text below.

There are many means of communication on Aardwolf and channels are one of
the most important.  Channels on Aardwolf can change dynamically based on
topics relevant at the time.  To see a list of channels, type '
To toggle a channel on or off, type its name.

Each class also has its own private channel which only members of that
class can see. These are covered in '
help class channels'.  Information on
each channel's particular rules and guidelines can be found in '
<channel name>
', e.g., 'help racetalk'.

Most channels have a history feature.  To see the history on a channel, use
the syntax '
<channelname> -h'.  For example, 'gossip -h 10' will show the
last 10 lines on gossip, while '
answer -h' will show all available lines of
history on the question/answer channel.  You can also use the -h feature to
search for text on a channel; for example, '
gossip -h ivar' will search for
all gossip history containing 'ivar'.  Ignored players (see '
help ignore')
will still show up in channel history.  Note that you can either search or
specify a number of lines, but not both.

To search for a number without the MUD interpreting it as a number of
lines, use the syntax "
gossip -h '20'" (this shows all gossip history
containing the number 20).

There are some special commands that can be used on channels to do emotes, 
socials and other actions. Using gossip as an example:

  Use a social on a channel      : gossip *smile
                                    gossip *smile ivar
  Use an emote on a channel      : gossip :emotes something
  Use emote to think on a channel : gossip *think this is cool
  Use emote to say on a channel  : gossip *say say is cool too :)
  Use dice on a channel          : gossip *dice 10 5

The following is a list of channels approved for profane language:

  Clantalk*  Curse      Ftalk      Gclan    Gtell       
  Helper      Immtalk    Mchat      Music    Pokerinfo   
  Spouse      Sports      Debate

* Though the channel is flagged for curse socials, clans may have their own
policies regarding profane language.

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