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NewbieInfo: Boards

Aard features a board system that was created by Erwin S. Andreasen,, aka Phunk, and is freely available. This board system was modified for clans and helpers, and security was added by Lasher.

The system is very simple to use, and all players should keep up on at least the Personal, MUDInfo, and Announce boards.

Basic syntax:

General info about these commands:
The board command lists and navigates through Aardwolf's note/forum system. It is used in combination with the note command (see help notes) to read notes sorted by content. You may choose to filter this content with the subscribe command- see help subscribe.

By itself, board will list any subscribed boards with unread notes, along with the board number, name, and description of the board's contents. You can switch to any board by typing board <number> or board <name in full>, such as board 1 or board announce.

Type subscribe to see this.
1AnnounceN/A  Announcements from Immortals.
2MudinfoN/A  Miscelleneous mud News.
3GeneralN/A   General - MUD discussion.
4MiscN/A   General - Other subjects.
5ClaninfoN/A   Clan announcements.
6ClanN/A  Clan related notes.
7TechN/A   Technical Issues.
8IdeasN/A  Suggestion for improvement.
10ForsaleN/A  The Aardwolf flea market.
11RoleplayN/A  Roleplaying issues.
12ArtN/A   The imagination board.
13GamesN/A   Games, Puzzles, Riddles, etc
14TyposN/A  Various spelling errors.
15BugsN/A  Bugs and errors.
16UpgradesN/A   Clan/Manor Upgrade Requests
17PersonalN/A  Personal messages.
18LotteryN/A   Aardwolf lottery announcements
19LasertagN/A   Lasertag game results
20JokesN/A   Jokes (WARNING: May be X-rated!)
21RaidingN/A   PK / Raiding in V2
22VotingN/A  Voting booth votes and results
23MafiaN/A  Mafia Game Results
24GquestN/A  Global Quest Results

Note Commands and Reading the Boards:
Ok, now you've subscribed to all the boards you want, and you want to know how to check the notes on them. Well, you can either just type note a bunch of times and read each unread note as it's presented (this way the system changes the boards for you as you finish reading all the unread notes in each subscribed board), or you can type board <Pick a board>, note list to see all the notes on a board (the ones marked with an asterisk (*) are unread notes, and choose which ones to read with note read <number>.

Basic syntax and info:

Type help note to see this in-game.
  note  Reads next note.
  note read <number> | "again"  Reads a certain note.
  note reply <number>  Reply to a certain note.
  note reply  Reply to last note you read.
  note from <person>  List notes from a specific person. ie. 'note from imm' will show notes from all immortals.
  note to <person>  List notes to a specific person.
  note subject <text>  Shows all notes with <text> in subject.
  note remove <number>  Removes a note written by you.
  note list [number]  Shows up to number notes.
  note unread  Shows note headers unread.
  note reset <number>  Resets your "last read" pointer.
  note write [to list]  Posts a note, automatically setting To: field to 'to list' if present.
  note forward <note#> <to list>  Forward a note to others.
  note repost <note#> <board>  Reposts your note to a different board.
  note catchup  Marks all notes in this board read.
  note catchup all  Marks all notes in all boards except announce and personal as read.

These commands are used for the new note system. Instead of just one board, there are several, each with its special purpose. See help forum and help subscribe for information on the board system itself.

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