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Config is a list of commands that are simply toggled ON or OFF and can make game playing much more enjoyable for many, like for instance autoexit, keyloot, nopretitle, etc. It also features pagesize and your prompts, which are set, not toggled.

It's a long list, and it would be a good idea to take a couple minutes reading the descriptions of each command to see what they do.

Note: The descriptions are pretty straight forward, so this is a copy of my current config all list.

Type config all to see your own list.
ALLOWBEEPAllow people to page (beep) youYES
AUTOASSISTAutomatically assist group members in combatYES
AUTOCONSUMEAutomatically consume enemy corpsesYES
AUTODESCSee descriptions when using the whois commandYES
AUTOEXITShow exits when rooms are displayedYES
AUTOGOLDAutomatically take gold from enemy corpsesYES
AUTOLOOTAutomatically take equipment from enemy corpsesYES
AUTOMAPAutomatically see the Aardwolf map when movingYES
AUTONOSUMAutomatically set nosummon after each summoningNO
AUTORECAttempt to recall if you lose linkYES
AUTOSACAutomatically sacrifice enemy corpsesYES
AUTOSAVEMSGSee a message when your character autosavesYES
AUTOSHAREAutomatically split gold with group membersYES
AUTOTICKDisplay a message each mud 'tick'YES
BATTLESPAMSee combat messages of people not grouped withNO
BLOCKEXITPrevents Blockexit skill from workingNO
CATCHTELLSSave all tells that are sent to youYES
CLANTAGSSee clan logos in who/swhoYES
COLORPATHSInclude colors in find outputYES
COMPACTRemove the blank line between commandsNO
DAILY PROMPTNotice in prompt when daily blessing availableYES
DUELSee player vs player duelsYES
ECHODEATHSSense / Hear deaths around youYES
EXPRATEShow exprate wish bonus separatelyYES
ECHOCOMMANDSSee your commands echod back to youNO
GROUPSPAMSee combat messages of people in your groupYES
HEARFRIENDSSee tells from friends while in deaf modeNO
KEYLOOTWill only loot keys from enemy corpsesYES
LEVELHINTSShow hints when you levelYES
MAPRUNSee the Aardwolf map when using runNO
MARKET NOTESReceive marketplace notes while onlineYES
NOCANCELAllow other players to cancel your spellsYES
NOCHALLENGEAccept duel challengesYES
NOCURSESee curse channels, curse socials, etcYES
NODELIVERAccept deliveries from various storesYES
NOEXPReceive experience for mobs killed/skills gainedYES
NOFOLLOWAllow people / mobs to follow youYES
NOFRIENDSAllow others to friend youYES
NOGIVEAllow other players to give items to youYES
NOGRACEPK protection / half exp after being PKedYES
NOGROUPAllow others to invite you into groupsYES
NOHELPSee additional help when using commandsYES
NONIGHTUse Night vision abilities if availableYES
NOLOOTAllow people to loot your corpseNO
NOOBJLEVELShow level of items in inventoryYES
NOPAGEAllow people to page (beep) youYES
NOPEEKAutomatically use 'peek' when looking at othersYES
NOPREFIXShow prefixes to prevent trigger abuseYES
NOPRETITLESee pretitles on playersNO
NOSPELLUPSPSee other player spellupsYES
NOSTATUSDisplay enemy health each round of combatYES
NOSPAMDisplay parry/dodge/etc messages during combatYES
NOSUMMONAllow people to summon you / gate to youYES
NOTITLESSee other player's titles in roomYES
NOWARINFORemove total wars/losses from your warinfoYES
NOWEATHERBe informed of changes in the weather.YES
PAGEREPEATShow Paging prompt after all output.YES
PKOFFCan attack other players.YES
PROMPTFLAGShow Quiet / Afk / Noexp mode in promptYES
QUIETQuiet modeNO
QUIETSELLSee haggle/tax messages when selling to storesYES
QUIETSPELLSSee spell chanting when others castYES
RAWCOLORSSee color codes in outputNO
RSOCIALAllow people to use remote socials on youYES
SAVETELLSSave tells while fighting/runningYES
SEEGRAYShow the gray color codeYES
SHORTFLAGSShort mob/object flags in shortened formYES
SKIPNEXTDoesn't loot your next mobkillNO
STATMONShow tagged stats after every promptNO
STRICTSOCIALRequire '*' prefix to use socialsNO
TICKINFOSee additional information with autotickYES
XTERMXterm 256 color supportYES
PAGESIZESets number of lines per page (0 = off)89

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