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Mechanics: Stats

Stats are the attributes that define a player's abilities. Stats are very important in Aardwolf and determine the style of your character. The following is a brief description of what each stat does.

                       Strength | Intelligence | Wisdom | Dexterity | Constitution | Luck

Strength (STR)

The strength stat determines how strong your character is. Strength affects the following areas:


Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence measures how smart your character is and how able you are to learn new skills and spells. Intelligence affects the following main areas:


Wisdom (WIS)

Wisdom affects how well your character is able to use magical knowledge for both healing and combat. Wisdom affects the following main areas:


Dexterity (DEX)

Your dexterity is an indication of how agile your character is. Dexterity affects many areas of gameplay, the main ones are:


Constitution (CON)

Constitution measures the general health and resilience of your character. Constitution affects the following main areas:



Luck is a general purpose stat affecting virtually everything in the game. Luck is a primary stat in almost nothing, but helps almost everything.


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