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Aardwolf is a part of TopMudSites and MudConnect, they are portals for aspiring MUDders to find a new or replacement MUD. Part of these sites includes a ranking system, based upon voluntary votes placed by a MUD's communitiy to show their support.

Being high on this list brings new players to Aardwolf, which can bring new ideas and other forms of support. Thus, the Immortals of Aardwolf encourage players to vote as often as the site allows (once every 13 at Topmudsites and 24 hours at Mudconnect). To do so, simply click on the "Vote Aardwolf" button or the "Mud Connect Vote" on the Aardwolf home page.

Or manually go to:
For Topmudsites -
For Mudconnect -

To assist in voting there is an in-game command ivoted .


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