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Occasionally, one of the Imms will run a contest on the trivia channel. This
channel will only be active for the duration of the contest.

Trivia can be a lot of fun for both immortals and mortals.  Since Aardwolf
and Trivia are so popular, it is easy for things to get out of hand on the
Trivia channel.  Listed here is a code of conduct for trivia that you will be
expected to know and follow if you want to play trivia.

Only one answer per person per question.
2. Post only real answers to questions on Trivia channel. Silly comments and
  answers belong elsewhere.  (Let's keep spam to a minimum.)
3. The immortal running the game is the final judge of answers and whether
  they will accept answers that are misspelled or not.
4. Any special rules relating to the current contest will be announced by the
  Imm running the trivia beforehand.                                     

People who fail to follow these simple rules or other rules set up by the
immortal running the trivia game may lose their privileges to play.  This
will be temporary at first, but repeat violations may cause permanent loss
of the trivia channel.

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