The Dead Zone

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The Dead Zone

--- We ask that you refrain from using these types of themes from your area:

Copyrighted Material Reality Based Themes Movie Based Areas Modern Day Electronics Extreme Science Fiction Book Based Areas Inside your Computer Heaven Areas Video Game Based Self Glorification Hell Areas Computer Game Based Your Real Life Clan Based Areas TV Show Based Pet Adventures Clan Hall Areas Collectable Card Based Your Sexual Fantasy Memorials to Celebrities Comic Book Based Events in History Offensive Areas Radio Show Areas Geographic Locations Disgusting Areas Wrestling Based Scientific Based Religion Based Areas Cartoon Based Areas An area inside a Body Any technology references Anime Based Areas Ethnic Areas Areas without a plot or theme --- Essentially, on Aardwolf, we are looking for original areas based mostly on fantasy and fiction. Please do not try to 'sneak one by us' we do research every area before it goes to main port. We do currently have areas that exist that have these themes, this has no bearing on allowing them now. Anybody who is found making an area on this mud that is based on any of these topics (regardless of if you've made us aware), will be removed from the port and not brought into Aardwolf. Any areas having gone to main port and then discovered to be a copyrighted work will cause the builder to lose their builder status and will not be asked to build again.