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Subclasses represent specialist knowledge within the overall expertise of a class. There are three or four subclasses per class. Subclasses are also known as guilds.

When selecting a primary class, a character must also choose a specific subclass. The subclass adds unique skills that only that subclass has.... Thieves, for example, have assassins who get an extra backstab hit, while bandits have the opportunity to entrap a room into a PK situation.

A character only selects a subclass for his/her primary class. At remort?, a character will choose a secondary class, but a secondary class will not receive the benefit of a subclass.

Subclasses are a current work in progress. Special thanks to Scars for creating the below help files. These will be continually updated as subclasses are updated. As always, please check the in game help file for the most up to date information.









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