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The table below lists room properties visible from Lua at the time of writing. This is not even close to complete, just a small set to test the initial Lua implementation with.

name = Room name

key = Key of room such as "aylor-12"

sector =Sector number of the room

clan =Clan the room belongs to

guild =Guild the room belongs to

healrate =Heal rate of the room

manarate =Mana rate of the room

brightness =Current brightness level of the room

peoplecount =Total number of characters in the room

playercount =Total number of players in the room

owner =Owner of the room, usually only applies in manors

north =Returns an EXIT type variable for North exit

south =Returns an EXIT type variable for South exit

east =Returns an EXIT type variable for East exit

west =Returns an EXIT type variable for West exit

up =Returns an EXIT type variable for Up exit

down =Returns an EXIT type variable for Down exit

Exit Properties

The direction variables on a ROOM type variable return an EXIT type variable which has a set of properties of its own. The table of properties is below. As an example, the test 'if room.south.locked' will be true if there is a locked door to the south in the current room. The EXIT properties are listed below:

keyword =The exit keyword if it has one

target =Key of the room the exit leads to

open =Returns 1 if the exit is open, 0 if not

closed =Returns 1 if the exit is closed

locked =Returns 1 if the exit is locked