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-[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]=-=[+]=-=[  PRIEST SUBCLASS  ]=-=[+]=-=[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]-

  While most classes focus on abilities of themselves and their
  allies or enemies, Priests are more concerned with the well-being 
  of the entire race.

Special skills/spells available to characters with the 
priest subclass:

Rehallow                        Augmented Healing
Pray for Absolution              Haven
Holy Shield                      Serenity                     
Humility                        Sacrifice Life
Heavenly Smiting                Holy Preference
Bonuses: Blessed weapons are not owned.

  Note:  Priest is a subclass of Cleric.


As of April 9, 2017, the Martyr subclass has been merged into the Priest subclass.

Links for skills/spells

Augmented Healing
Pray for Absolution
Holy Shield
Sacrifice Life
Heavenly Smiting
Holy Preference

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