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It is unrealistic to ask that nobody ever swear on Aardwolf.  However, as
this is an all-ages MUD, we do want to keep most public channels, boards,
and areas clean of any obscene, foul, and/or adult content.  The general
guidelines is if the content cannot be ignored (e.g., pretitles and player
descriptions can be turned off and ignored, but titles cannot), that it
should be kept to a PG13 rating.

A few channels are labeled as 'curse ok' channels- you will be notified
that cursing is allowed on these channels when you turn them on.  Cursing
is not allowed on channels that do not show this warning (see the bottom
of 'help channels' for 'curse ok' channels).  If you are not concerned
with foul language, you may disable the warnings by using the 'nocurse'
toggle- see 'help nocurse'.  This does not mean you are free to curse
because you do not see these warnings, however.  Clans may decide their
own language guidelines for the clantalk channel.

Please be advised that this policy does apply to notes posted on the
public forums.  Repeatedly breaking this rule may result in loss of
posting privileges and such notes will be removed at immortals' discretion.
The only exceptions are the jokes board (which is X-rated) and personal
boards, although please be aware that other rules (e.g. no personal attacks)
must still be followed.

Extended ASCII characters are available for use in private conversations, 
especially those in other languages; however, please do not use these in
public places, including pretitles, whonames, public channels, equipment,
etc.  Some players use clients that do not support these characters, and 
it may cause things to show improperly (or not at all).

Please do not use triggers on public channels.  These have the possibility
of malfunctioning and spamming large sections of the MUD, even if set to a

Please keep in mind that Aardwolf is an English-speaking MUD.  We ask that
all chat on public channels be restricted to English only.

See 'help MXP' for policies regarding MUD eXtension protocol and its use
on channels.

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