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Aardwolf Hold'em is an interactive game of Texas Hold'em Poker which can be
played with up to 10 players at a time.  It should not be confused with the
IMM-run "Aard Poker" competition which has players collect cards and turn
them in for quest point prizes. Refer to "HELP CARD GAMES" for information
on that game.

Basic game description, rules, and game commands are given in "HELP POKER
PLAY".  Typing "poker" with no arguments will provide a brief list of
available commands for game information and gameplay.  These commands are
detailed in "HELP POKER COMMANDS".

Aardwolf Hold'em Poker provides "Last-Man-Standing" Tournament-style play,
as well as non-tournament games where players may join and leave at will.
Non-tournament games may be played in No-Limit, Fixed-Limit, or Pot-Limit
betting styles.  All Tournament games are No-Limit.  For more information
on these game styles, refer to "HELP POKER TOURNEY".

New game creations will be announced on the
pokerinfo channel.  Having
pokerinfo turned on also allows you to see jackpot announcements.

The flag %f will display pertinent poker game information when added to
your prompt.  This includes chips remaining, current bet, amount needed to
call, all cards dealt to you, and a timer indicating how long you have
before your hand is folded and you are put on auto-break.

See the following additional help files for more information:

HELP POKER RULES      - Rules for Aardwolf players in Hold'em
HELP POKER PLAY      - Basic Poker rules & strategy.
HELP POKER COMMANDS  - Poker command reference.
HELP POKER ADMIN      - Information on running a poker game.
HELP POKER TOURNEY    - Information on the different types of tables.
HELP POKER IMMSPONSOR - Information on an imm sponsored game, using
                        quest points.

If you are trying to use a social and see this command's output instead,
prefix the social with * to use the social.  See 'help socials'.

If you have found a (Poker Card), refer to the first paragraph of this

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