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The following commands are useful to have on

'''General Commands'''

''immform luaerr'' shows mprog lua errors

''seeall'' sees everything

''showkeys'' show keys behind items/mobs/rooms

''buildopt <<noisy/noclear/commands>>'' options for the editors

''mgoto <<name>>'' goes to the mob with that name

''rgoto <<room-key>>'' goes to the room with that key

''mload / oload <<key>> '' loads that mob / obj

''peace'' stops the fights in the room

'''Edit Commands:'''

''zedit / oedit / redit / medit / mpedit [create] <<number>>'' edit/create that area / obj / room / mob / mprog

''qedit create <<name>>'' creates a goal with the name

''qedit <<name>>'' edits the goal with the name

''mpdump <<mprog-key>>'' shows the mprog without editing it

''rstat '' shows info on the current room

''rstat <<room-key>>'' shows info on the specified room

''ostat / mstat <<name>>'' gives stats on that obj/mob with the name

''purge'' clears the room

'' purge zone'' clears the area

''reset'' resets the current room

''reset zone'' resets the entire zone

'''Finding things:'''

''rlist / olist / mlist / mplist '' shows a list of all created rooms / objects / mobs / mprogs

''mplist titles '' gives a brief summary of the titles of the mprogs

''rlist 1 / rlist 2'' gives sectors / extra flags

''ofind <<name>> '' finds the obj-key

''owhere <<name>> '' finds all objs in the area with the name

''owhere <<obj-key>> proto '' finds all prototypes of that obj-key

''mwhere <<name>> '' finds the specific mob by name

''mwhere <<mob-key>> proto '' finds the prototypes of that mob-key

''rsearch <<name>> '' finds a room with that name

''mpsearch <<Searchstring>>'' find text in mprogs

''mpusers <<mprog-key>>'' gives all mobs that use the mprog