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-[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]=-=[+]=-=[  NINJA SUBCLASS  ]=-=[+]=-=[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]-

  Ninjas are able to employ a number of stances and tactics to suit 
  their environment. Masters of stealth, backstabbing and unarmed combat, 
  Ninjas are not to be messed with.

Special skills/spells available the Ninja subclass:

Nimble cunning      Scorpion strike      Blindfighting
Stealth              Stalk                Quickstab
Veil of Shadows      Veil of Stone


* Hand to Hand bonus damage  * Extra hits when not dual wielding 
* Can Backstab in combat      * Cannot be strangled
* See an Open PK / Hardcore in 'where'

Note:  Ninja is a subclass of Thief.


Links for skills/spells

Nimble cunning
Scorpion strike


Hand to Hand bonus damage
Extra attacks when not dual wielding weapons
Can Backstab while in combat

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