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-[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]=-=[+]=-=[MENTALIST SUBCLASS]=-=[+]=-=[*]=--=[+]=--=[*]-

  A combination of the former Empath and Mindflayer Guilds; Mentalists
  have the ability to truly understand their opponents in a way that no
  other class can. This knowledge is used to benefit the Mentalist while
  interfering with the mental functions of their victims.

Special skills/spells available to characters with the 
  Mentalist subclass:

Slow                  Amnesia            Demoralize
Mindflay              Combat Empathy      Sense Age


Can "sense" who killed a mob when they hear a nearby death cry. 

Note:  Mentalist is a subclass of Psionicist.


Combat Empathy
Sense Age?

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