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Aardwolf Picture Archive - The current picture archive of players from Aardwolf. Links to the Aardwolf Facebook page. Email with your photo and player name to be added.
Aardwolf Picture Archive - An older picture archive of players from Aardwolf. Not accepting new photos.
Aardwolf Player Birthdays - List of player birthdays.
IWuvAard - Equipment, Mob, Social, and Speedwalks database
Gaardian News&Links

Help Www

(If you were looking for information on how to set your web address in
finger, see 'help email'.)

Individual clan websites are often preferred by many players for their
extensive, up-to-date game information.  See 'help clist' / 'help claninfo'
for more information.
Official Aardwolf Sites:
|  The Aardwolf home page. 
|  The Official Aardwolf Blog.
|  Official builders pages with rules and 
|  help for clan/manor/area building. 
|  Aardwolf bugtracker ('help bugtracker'). 
|  Old Aardwolf Player Picture Archive. 
|  Our player-maintained wiki. 
|  Aardwolf fan page on Facebook.
|  Manor upgrade generator.
Aardwolf Player Sites:
Aardwolf Player Plugin Repo     
The Hook/Aard quote database   
Campaign help and eq finder     
Mudlet Aardwolf GUI (MAG)       
Clan eq listings + some maps   
AardWiki Eqsearch list         
Winklewinkle's scripts         
Aardwolf Community Discord     
These pages and domains are not maintained by Aardwolf staff, nor is it our
decision for what goes on them.  Sites with browser-incompatible, outdated,
or inappropriate content will be removed from this list.
MUD Clients:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------  |  Aardwolf version of Mushclient.
|  Unofficial updated AardMush repository 
|  Mushclient (Windows) 
|  TinTin++ (Windows, Linux, Mac)* 
|  VIP MUD client- for VI users
|  ZMUD and CMUD (Windows)
|  mudlet (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
|  Tinyfugue (Windows, Mac, Linux, other) 
|  Atlantis (Mac)
|  Portal (Windows)
|  KMuddy (Linux (KDE))
|  Aardwolf RPG (Blowtorch) (Android OS)

* Pre-packaged settings for Aardwolf on tintin++ can be found at:

Additional clients are also listed at The Mud Connector Resource Center at .

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