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Syntax: Lasertag: Lasertag  [ Join | Points | Score | Status ]
        Who    : Who Laser | Who Red | Who Green
        Shoot  : Shoot <dir> <person>
        Misc    : Decoy | Transloc | Recall | Hunt

The basic premise of Lasertag is that all people who take part are 
transferred to a special area and run around shooting each other. Points 
are scored for hits and points are deducted for missing/hitting a person 
on the same team as you. The team with the most points at the end wins. 

There are several other aspects of the game that make things 
'interesting'. The main advantage of lasertag over warfare is that 
level/power is irrelevant, everyone starts with the same stats and has the 
same chances.
Once a lasertag game is declared, you can join using '
lasertag join'.
You will be placed into a holding room then randomly assigned to either 
red team or the green team when the game starts.

Both teams start at opposite ends of the lasertag arena which is a 
15*15 random maze. Normal game prompts and flags do not appear in the 
lasertag arena - all you will see is how many charges you have remaining.

Lasertag rewards include 5 quest points for the winning team, and 10 quest
points for the top scorer (note that the QP rewards only apply to positive
scores, i.e. that condition applies to both and not just the 10QP 
topscorer prize).
Once the competition has actually started, gameplay is all about keeping
track of how many charges you have. Everything costs charges including 
movement and shooting. The options are:

SHOOT      : To shoot at another player, use the syntax 
                  shoot <direction> <person> 

            *  You cannot shoot at someone in the same room as you.
            *  You CAN use abbreviations but run the risk of hitting the
                wrong person.
            *  The accuracy of your shot depends on how close you are to
                the target and how many charges you have. The more charges
                you have, the higher your accuracy rate.
            *  After firing, you must move before you can fire again. 
            *  Some games will be run where a character is translocated 
                after being shot. This will play more of a part once team
                mascots can be shot and defense plays a bigger role in the 
                lasertag game.

MOVE        : You move around the lasertag area using normal movement commands.
              Each movement costs charges. Use 'laser points' to see the cost.

DECOY      : You can use the 'decoy' command to leave a mob in the room that
              will appear both in 'scan' and 'look' just as you do. The decoy
              will hang around for a couple of minutes and can be used to draw
              enemy fire while you sneak behind them. If a player tries to hunt
              you and you have a decoy in the area, hunt will home in on the
              decoy instead.

TRANSLOC   : Typing 'transloc' will randomly move you around the lasertag arena
              in much the same way that the 'translocate' spell works within the
              main game. 

RECALL      : If you get hopelessly lost, you can 'recall' to your starting room
              at any time.   

HUNT        : Another alternative to recalling is to hunt the mascot in your
              starting room to get a general direction. To do this, you can 
              'hunt redmascot' and 'hunt greenmascot'.

To see the costs of all these activities, use the command '
lasertag points'.
Note that commands such as hunt and recall are independent of the normal game,
while in the lasertag everyone can hunt and recall equally provided they have
the charges for it.

At any time while a laser tag game is active, you can type '
lasertag score' to
get a breakdown of current team scores and individual player scores. Once the
game is finished, the scores will be posted to the lasertag board. Using
the syntax 'laser score <player>' will show you the score of just one player
in the game.

Once lasertag is started, you can use '
who laser' to see all the people taking
part along with what team they are in. You can also use '
who red' and 'who
'. A 'team' channel is available to talk to people just in your team.

To turn off the lasertag channel, use the '
lasertag' command with no 

The '
lasertag status' command shows when the next game will start
or how long is remaining of the current game.

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