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1st Jan 2014: Happy New Year!

7th Jan 2014: Dreamfyre steps down from the Imm Team.

18th Feb 2014: Slow start to the year but we're back in action now. 
              Goal added in WereWood. Inferno Equip Upgraded. Nautilus
              is back. Hunt through portals for Navigators. Note prefixes.
              Clan maze checker in beta test.

11th Mar 2014: Redone experience for rare kills. See 'help rarekill'.
              Sense Age Empath spell. Instinct deposit all / auto-deposit
              at remort/tier. Auctioneer wish. Mcounts imm command added.
              Static item flag added.

4th Apr 2014: Annwn and Earth Lords areas and goal added. Empath and 
              Mindflayer merged into Mentalist. Heal amount shown and 
              'nohealamt' command added to turn them off. Demoralize 
              spell added to Mentalist class. Animate Dead changes to

15th Apr 2014: Groupgive command added. Static flag put in place for
              clan potions and high frequency items.

16th May 2014: Ascension Bluff Nursing home area added. New Goal in 
              Coral Kingdom. Clan MOTD feature added. Rewrite of Amnesia
              spell. Trains from Terra now rebuildable. Ranger 
              spells upgrade. Instinct 'mbuy' option added.

19th May 2014: Raid fail timer increased to 4 days, breach timeout
              increased to 10 days.

24th May 2014: Metarank command added. Shows highest daily, weekly, 
              monthly and yearly totals since daily rankings were added.

12th Jun 2014: Romani clan disbanded.

4th Jul 2014: Arthon joined the immortal team. Demonspawn leaves the
              immortal team.

12th Jul 2014: Tribal Origins area added by Rhuli. New goal in Pompeii
              by Maximon. Paladin spells buffed. New maze types and 
              objresist up on test port.

19th Jul 2014: Lots of clan system upgrades to allow for disbanded /
              merged clans. Emerald and Doh merged.

20th Jul 2014: Reduction in experience per level across most tiers.
              Rare exp saving over a reboot. 'Exptable' command added.
              Setwanted 2 hour grace period added. 

2nd Aug 2014: Mushclient R1802 with support for UTF8 maps posted to
     and 'maptype' command announced.

10th Aug 2014: The Uprising area and goal added. Damage type added 
              to skills, spells, allspells and showskill commands. Ignore
              now includes say and socials. 'Double hist' option added.

20th Aug 2014: Vanir merged into The Xunti Cult.

6th Sep 2014: Berserker and Barbarian subclasses merge. The Order of
              Light and Rogues clan merge. Reforge command added. New
              goal in The Swordbreakers Hoard.

16th Sep 2014: Hammerswing Blacksmith skill added. Jenny's Tavern
              and Yurgach Domain areas separated. Autoswing command added.
              Spellup speed improvements. Metarank rebuild.

13th Oct 2014: Battle Training and Precision skills added. Pray command
              removed. Hammering Blow / Bash now nofail and have a tier 
              bonus. Move and Mana healing spells now show the amounts.

1st Nov 2014: Guinness steps down from the Imm team.

9th Nov 2014: Cleave rewritten to damage shield temporarily. Sap,
              Bodycheck and Scalp made nofail. Instinct added to
              Precision. Orlando goal redone. Aardwords automated.

6th Dec 2014: Aardwolf celebrates its 18th birthday with a weekend of
              double experience and quest point quests.

7th Dec 2014: Aardwolf turns 18! Guinness rejoins the Imm team.
              Dadrake steps down from the Imm team.

14th Dec 2014: Daoine clan disbanded.

22nd Dec 2014: Cineko area replaced Reinhold, new goal added. Santa
              arrives in Aylor with improved rewards. Second Attack added
              as Quickling racial attack.

27th Dec 2014: Santa goes back to the North Pole until next year.

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