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24th Jan 2013: Marketplace Proxy Bidding and Buyout amounts added.
              Sanguine Tavern replaces the Casino area. Blood Opal of
              Rauko'ra replaces Angband. Spellup silent option added.

2nd Feb 2013: Lumina and Styliann step down from the IMM team.

5th Mar 2013: Dadrake, Demonspawn, and Guinness join the IMM team.

10th Mar 2013: Tier based bonuses added to many mage, cleric and psi 
              spells. Thandeld's Conflict area replaces Mirror Realm. Goal 
              added in Great Salt Flats. Retell / Relay commands added. T9
              campaign redos reduce rewards after 10 per day. First 
              campaign per day now adds a bonus.

8th Apr 2013: Justme steps down from the IMM team.

20th May 2013: Ban system rewritten - a little more, err, versatile 
              now :)

28th May 2013: Web and Dissolve completely rewritten to be variable
              affects. Kiksaadi Cove area and goal introduced. Saves 
              removed from Bless spell.

3rd Jun 2013: Evoker and Witch subclasses merged into Sorcerer. New
              goal in Woodelves of Nalondir, Zombify / Necro spells redone
              to revert to normal spells if mob not undead. 'Cp today'
              added. Elemental Ward no longer blocked by Elemental Focus.

14th Jun 2013: Upgrades to max stats caps for many spells. Started 
              conversion of 30 lower level spells to constantly improve
              and have tier bonuses. Wither spell rewritten.

25th Jun 2013: Remaining mage spells converted for continued 
              improvement and tier bonuses. Instinct available in Test 
              of Faith and Gaias Revenge. Scorpion Strike available to 
              Venomist. Free classchange reset.

9th Jul 2013: Cleric spells upgraded for continued improvement and 
              tier bonuses. Apocalypse moved up to match Heavenly 
              Balance. Paladin alignment bonus increased. 

20th Jul 2013: Psi spells upgraded for continued improvement and tier
              bonuses. Mental Balance spell added. Free instinct and
              mastery rebuild added. Test of Faith now based only on
              caster align.

16th Aug 2013: Tumari's Diner area added. Consolidated damage on 
              skills and spells. New damage output options added. Gamestat
              13. Aarchaeology game code.

28th Aug 2013: Sagewood Grove area replaces Mossflower Wood. Combined
              damage on Test of Faith, Gaias Revenge and Charge.

6th Sep 2013: Laren steps down from the Imm Team. Anaristos joins the
              imm team.

15th Sep 2013: Pockets5 and pockets6 wishes added. Poker cards game

3rd Nov 2013: Superhero cost while on a t9 redo removed. Special inv
              filter added. Timeshifting buffed again.

24th Nov 2013: Madcatz steps down from the Immortal team.

1st Dec 2013: Aardington Estate area added. Wooble area quest 
              converted into a goal. Instinct added to daily blessing.

5th Dec 2013: Kharpern rejoins the imm team.

9th Dec 2013: Aardwolf starts accepting donations in Bitcoin. At the
              time of writing 1BTC is $950ish. Let's see where it is in
              5 years.

12th Dec 2013: The 'mobquests' command was added. Allows you to view
              data on frequency of mobs in quests, global quests and

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