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1st Jan 2012: Happy New Year!

31st Jan 2012: The Wayward Alehouse area added. New goals in Hodgepodge
              and Hades. Humility spell added. Classchange min cost 
              reduced to 2000qps. 

21st Feb 2012: Global free class change handed out. Hedgehogs Paradise
              area added. Charge made Knight only. Info Powerups added.

25th Feb 2012: Aardwolf moves to a new test port - Dual Xeon 5570 
              Nelahem with 12gb of RAM at Softlayer. 

18th Mar 2012: The Blood Sanctum and Tairayden Peninsula areas added. 
              Navigator 'Bypass' ability added. 'p data' added.

5th May 2012: Invsort command added. Trivia aura now has random stats
              and can be resold. Timeshifting buffed.

8th Jun 2012: Barney, Hurricane Frances and the Wikipedia Editor punchbag
              mobs have been replaced with a Know-it-all-Tier, Rehsal -
              Lasher's evil twin and a Whiny Emo kid.

15th Jun 2012: Elvendar steps down from Imm.

19th Jun 2012: Justme returns to the Imm team.

22nd Jun 2012: Tymme steps down from Imm.

3rd Jul 2012: Rhuli joins the Imm team.

14th Jul 2012: Gnolls Quarry and Relinquished Tombs areas added. Clantags
              command added.

27th Jul 2012: The Nyne Woods area and goal added. Tier hp carryover 
              change. 'Strictsocials' command.

31st Jul 2012: Tier stat changes, dodge removal and TNL adjustment at
              lower tier. 

2nd Aug 2012: Gamestat 12 (channels) added.

24th Aug 2012: Instinct rebuild added. Note reset can be used to step
              backwards. 'Ready' wear loc added. Unique wear locs by race
              now possible, tested using 'hooves' for centaurs.

7th Sep 2012: Archer subclass merged into Hunter. Ranged combat in 
              live test. 

16th Sep 2012: Ranged Combat / Archery now live, includes the 'shoot',
              'target' and 'ready' commands. See also 'help ranged-

22nd Sep 2012: Volley skill added. Tempering for arrows. Wtype cost
              reduced to 1tp. 

4th Nov 2012: Extended gquest ranges added. Gquest history now real
              time rather than ticks. %E prompt variable (level) added.

11th Nov 2012: Korridel, Laren, and Broud join the Imm Team.

24th Nov 2012: The Cracks of Terra area and goal added. New Goal added
              in The Scarred Lands.

7th Dec 2012: Aardwolf celebrates 16 years online!!

14th Dec 2012: Nebulous Horizon area added. Mobshield and Taunt 

22nd Dec 2012: Santa comes to town! (2s from recall)

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