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Syntax: dice <number of dice> <number of sides per die>

Many random elements factor into all facets of the game.  One method for
keeping these semi-random, yet still within reason, is to use virtual dice
rolls.  These are often represented as XdY, or 'roll a die with Y sides X
times, and find a total'- 1d4 means one roll of a 4-sided die, giving a
result between 1 and 4.  2d10 means two rolls of 10-sided dice, giving an
end result between 2 and 20.

The dice command is available for people who want to play real life dice
games with other people.  For example, '
dice 5 6' could be used to play
yacht games.

If you are using 5 dice or less, you will see the results of the individual
die rolls along with the total of all dice (this will not occur when using 
the dice command on a channel, such as '
gossip *dice 5 4'). If you are using
more than 5 dice, you will only see the total.

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