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December 30, 2008, at 10:27 PM EST by admin
Added lines 1-31:
   cancel - syntax: cancel() 

Cancels any outstanding delay timer on the mob.

   --- On a greet trigger, ask character to wait in waiting room.
   --- If I'm already paused for someone else, do nothing.
   if not(hasdelay()) then
      say("Hi " .. .. ". Wait here please.");
      adddelay(10) --- 10 seconds.

   --- In the delay prog.
   targ =
   if (targ == nil) {
      --- Target left, how rude.
   } else {
      say("His lordship will meet you now " ..;
      mdo("unlock gate");
      mdo("open gate");
   --- forget existing target.

   --- In seperate prog if character tries to enter without waiting.
   say ("Don't be so rude! Now you can just sit and wait!")
   cancel()  --- prog that opens door won't fire.