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blackjack <command>


The following blackjack commands are available:
bet - places a bet before the hand is dealt.
hit - be dealt another card.
stay - keep the cards you have.
split - split the cards you have.
status - display statistics.
leave - leave the current game.


The blackjack game is a game of cards, the main goal is to be given 21
in two cards, or to come as close to 21 as possible given more than two

You play against the dealer at all times. If the dealer ends up
at the same total as you, the game is considered pushed and you get your
bet back. All faced cards (above 10) count as 10. Aces count as 1 or 11.
So a hand of blackjack is a 10 (may be a framed card) and one ace.

The special occasion of hitting a 5 card hand is considered a normal win.

The reward for a blackjack hand is 1.5x your bet. The reward for a 
winning hand against the dealer is 1x your bet.

To start playing you need to find yourself a dealer, there are a couple
of them in Ivar's Casino in Aylor off western Fairdeal Alley ('
). When you find one you need to initialize the game with the 
blackjack command by itself then place a bet. All other blackjack commands 
are prefixed with the blackjack command.

The available blackjack commands are:

Bet    - A bet is needed at first when the round starts. The syntax is:
blackjack bet <amount>

Hit    - Hit means that you are given another card.

Stay  - Ends your turn and makes the dealer draw his cards.

Split  - When you are given two cards that have the same value, you are
          given the option to split your hand into two hands. There is 
          an additional cost to this of course, the amount is the same as
          your initial bet.

Status - Will display various statistics about the current round.

Leave  - Leave the blackjack game.

The Black Jack game was coded for Aardwolf by Sarlock in March 2003, based
on deck logic by Nivek (

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