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Aarchaeology is a special ongoing game.  The end of the game occurs when 
you have collected all 50 pamphlets, although you are able to start 
collecting again for additional rewards.  Here is how the game is played:

- Once an hour (game time) a killable mob is randomly selected, much
  like trivia mobs, to drop an Aarchaeology find upon being killed.  (Note:
  you will not receive the token if you do not gain experience from it.)
  These finds will be looted regardless of autoloot, noloot, etc.
- Players find these aarchaeology pieces while exploring.  The finding
  player can either sell the piece via auction, or turn it in for a reward.
- All aarchaeology piece turn ins are done via the aarchaeology 
  professor, who jumps around the MUD after a player turns in an item.   
  He is nowhere, noscan and nohunt so finding him may be a challenge!
- Give the aarchaeology piece to the professor and he will reward you
  an amount he feels is appropriate for the item.
- The professor will also give you a bag, if you don't have one, to help
  store and carry around your aarchaeology pieces and pamphlets.
- Finally, he will give you a pamphlet that gives a little background
  information on the item.  Keep these pamphlets!  When you save up all 
  fifty (50), he will reward you greatly and you will be recognized.
- If you had pamphlets in containers upon turning in the last piece, do
  not fret! You can get all the pamphlets out of the containers and just
  say "done" in front of the professor.

- The pamphlets cannot be sold to other characters, but the 
  corresponding aarchaeology
pieces can.  Buy/sell wisely!
- Announcing where the professor is at a certain time or asking if anyone
  has seen him is completely legal.
- If you find that the professor has wandered into an illegal zone, such
  as the laser zone, or has gotten himself stuck, please contact an imm.
- We've added a little help finding the professor.  Just send him a tell
  asking where he is, and he'll let you know.  Keep in mind though he does
  not sit still for long!
- See 'help aarchaeology-rewards' for the specific reward and pamphlet
  number for each item.
- Type "lbid -f treasure special" to see only Aarch pieces and 
  other special collectible items on the market.
- While at the professor, type say check and he will send you a
  personal note with a summary of the Aarchaeology items and pamphlets you
  still need to collect.  You'll need to remove all pamphlets from your
  container before typing this.
- It is rumored there is a special wild card that can be used to help
  complete your collection.

Incremental Rewards
Aarchaeology can be won more than once. If you are able to collect all
fifty pieces again, the professor will add another stat to your already
existing reward, up to a max of ten stats. Once your item is maxed,
you will start over by receiving a new reward, which you can once again
start adding stats to as well.

Remember, your reward should either be worn or in your inventory to have
an extra stat added to it. If it's in a container, the professor may not
be able to see it, resulting in him giving you a second reward. Luck will 
never be added to the reward.

Powerful relics can also be found randomly within the game, allowing you
to sway the professor into adding a specific stat to your ring. See
help aarchaeology-relics' for details.


Pamphlet numberItemReward
1Johnny's Appleseed10,000 gold
2An Ancient Skull10,000 gold
3A Golden Truffle10,000 gold
4An Ancient Game Token10,000 gold
5Neptune's Retired Staff10,000 gold
6Percival's Retired Crown50,000 gold
7Photo of an F1 Tornado50,000 gold
8A Ring of Thandeld50,000 gold
9Petrified Volcano Ash50,000 gold
10An Old Coyote's Tooth50,000 gold
11Dorothy's Lost Earring100,000 gold
12A Golden Cross100,000 gold
13Skeleton of a Goblin100,000 gold
14A Rusted Coin100,000 gold
15A Rusted Trumpet100,000 gold
16A Coffin Lid250,000 gold
17Wedding Ring250,000 gold
18A Dinosaur Bone250,000 gold
19A Dragon's Tooth250,000 gold
20Unknown Element250,000 gold
21A Destroyed Mosaic500,000 gold
22A Silver Cross500,000 gold
23Lost Binoculars500,000 gold
24Pirate's Hat500,000 gold
25A Rusted Cleaver500,000 gold
26Wilted Rose750,000 gold
27Casino Chip750,000 gold
28Torn Visitor's Pass750,000 gold
29Ten-year-old Textbook750,000 gold
30Ivory Tusks750,000 gold
31An Oasis1,000,000 gold
32Skeleton of a Monkey1,000,000 gold
33An Ancient Stalactite1,000,000 gold
34Shoes of a Gnome1,000,000 gold
35A Torn Peace Agreement1,000,000 gold
36Chunk of an Iceberg2,000,000 gold
37Wings of a Harpy2,000,000 gold
38Petrified Tree Branch2,000,000 gold
39A Golden Leaf2,000,000 gold
40Writings of a Dream2,000,000 gold
41An Old Rope2,000,000 gold
42A Broken Twig5,000,000 gold
43Brick from a Castle5,000,000 gold
44A Rusted Belt Buckle5,000,000 gold
45A Biblical Textbook10,000,000 gold
46Frozen Flames10,000,000 gold
47Fox Tooth1 trivia point
48Picture of a Forest1 trivia point
49Moon in a Bottle1 trivia point
50Rotting Reed1 trivia point

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