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Leveling: Tier

TIER : For the *REALLY* addicted player.

A person that has reached 7x remort status on Aardwolf and would like to continue playing the game, can restart the game and add a 'tier' to their character. The main benefits of adding an extra tier to your character are as follows:

  You can wield/wear items up to level+(10*tier). A player that has reached
  7* remort and 'retiered' can wield/wear items up to 10 levels above them. 
  The extra levels also includes things like being able to save items at
  the higher level, buying items from stores at the higher level, etc. You 
  cannot currently buy quest items at the higher level.

  You can use skills and spells 10 levels per tier earlier than a first
  generation player. You get the skills/spells early, you do NOT cast
  them at a higher level. (Level+30 dispel magic for example, would be
  somewhat ridiculous). 

  Training cost reduction in 1 stat of your choice per tier. See 

  Class names are different at each tier to distinguish you from other 

  The maximum total stats a player can train is 1500. This is increased by
  50 per tier.

  Your level in the rankings and 'swho 9' (and similar commands) is your
  total levels. For example, a newly retiered player at level 1 is actually
  level 1408.

  You start with an extra 10 hitroll, 10 damroll and +2 to each stat per
  tier. This is provided in the form of a medal in a normally unuseable
  equipment slot.  This pin is not to be shared with spouses.

  10% discount per tier on manor upgrades, up to a maximum of 50%.

  At superhero, you will get higher level Aardwolf equipment. A first tier
  level 201 for example, can buy level 211 Aardwolf items, a second tier
  level 201 can buy level 221 items, etc.

  2% per tier extra chance of success on dodge, parry, holyrift, blink,
  shield block, time shift and camouflage.

  5% per tier extra miracle chance.

  Quest point bonus of 1 extra qp per tier for each quest completed.

  Reduction in auction tax of 1% per tier.


When you retier, the following are kept:

  Clan membership, manor ownership, marriage, gold, tp, qp, hours online, 
  war/gquest/death/quest stats and similar character attributes.

The following are reset as if you were a new char:

  Trains, practices, hp, mana, moves, traitor/raider/wanted flags, skills 
  and spells.

  Starting class and race are chosen during the tier creation process.
  It is not necessary to rebuild to change race prior to tiering.

  After retiering, and each remort, your tierstats are reset. See 'HELP 

Once you hit tier 9, you are able to redo that tier as many times as you like. The stats that you train at superhero will be saved and restored the next time you hit superhero level with all seven classes. Your total level on rank 1 will also continue to increase.


EXP per level is now somewhat complicated on Aardwolf. A 'non tiered' remort character plays their second class at 2,000 exp per level, their third class at 3,000 exp per level and so on up to a maximum to 5,000 exp per level.

A character that has 'retiered' for the first time has their exp per level calculated in the same way as for a non-tiered character - their first class is based on race/class modifiers. The remaining remorts are a fixed amount of exp per level as detailed above.

On the second and subsequent tiers an extra 1,000exp per level for each tier ABOVE THE FIRST ONE is added. For example, a character that has 'retiered' 3 times (can now wear/wield level + 30) will have their exp per level calculated as usual and then have 2,000 added to it.

Tier 9 characters that wish to redo the tier again can do so as the cost of a non-tier player.


An Imm is required for tiering; it is not automated. Make sure an Imm is available before you start the tiering process.

You cannot hold on to any equipment when you tier. When you are ready to tier, the only equipment you should have on you is your tier pin (to give to the Imm that is tiering you) and any quest equipment you are going to rauction. Finding someome to hold your equipment is your responsibility- Imms will not hold equipment, and items left on the ground are at your own risk and will not be reimbursed in a crash.

Once you're down to any quest equipment and pin, contact the Imm that is tiering you to return your current pin. If you have any items to be rauctioned, head to the remort chamber, remort any class to enable rauction, and then auction your equipment. Once everything is fully done being rauctioned, the Imm can tier you. (Unlike remorting, the auctions must have fully completed before tiering.)

You will be 'logged out' and reconnect to the creation screen, where you can choose your race and class, as though creating a new character. When you finish the creation process and reenter the game, the Imm that tiered you will give you the new tier pin for your current tier, and you'll be all set to train/practice as if you had just remorted. Remember- wishstat and tierstat will need to be re-set.

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