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This guide is intended as a complete listing of options for purchasing and upgrading player manors within Aardwolf. To view the key number of your manor, type 'rstat' while in your manor.

Attaining a New Manor

  - Purchase of a New Manor               'help MU-Purchase'
  - Transfer of Ownership of Manors       'help MU-Transfer'
  - Approx. Location of Manor Plots       'help MU-Locations'
  - Obtaining a Land Deed                 'help Land Deeds'

Upgrading an Existing Manor

  - Rooms                                 'help MU-Rooms'
  - Exits                                 'help MU-Exits'
  - Mobiles                               'help MU-Mobs'
  - Objects                               'help MU-Objects'

Upgrade Rules

  - General Rules                         'help MU-Rules'
  - General Upgrade Info                  'help Upgrade Requests'
  - Tier Discounts                        'help MU-Tier'
  - Sample Upgrade Request                'help MU-Request'
  - Sample Heal Potion Request            'help MU-heal'

Attaining a New Manor

Purchasing a manor

Help Mu-purchase

Manor Upgrades: Purchasing Information

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

NOTE: For availability, see 'help MU-Locations'

New manors cost
60 trivia points to purchase. Only the new owner and 
his/her spouse may contribute trivia points directly towards this cost.
For tier discounts see help mu-tier.
First, you must decide where you want your new manor.  Manors are only
available in specific Estate areas.  Within these areas (currently
available areas can be found in help mu-locations), your new porch
and manor exit can be in any direction except south, and cannot be on
another player's porch.  (To see if you're on a porch, go north.  If
you are told the room is private, you are currently on a porch, and
must find another location.)
Once you have found the spot you desire, either send a tell to a visible
Imm asking for the vnum of the room you are in, or record the speedwalk
to where you want your room, starting from the entrance room of the area.
You can now post a note to
imm on the Upgrades board.  In this note, 
please include the vnum or speedwalk, as well as which direction you want
your manor porch from that room.  If you know what you want for your 
rooms' names and descriptions, you can include those in this note as well.
Use of the manor upgrade generator is preferable:
The porch will be set up in the direction you specified, and your private
manor room will be linked to the north of your porch.  A plain fountain,
campfire, and set of descriptions for each room are included at no cost.
(If you are unsure of what you want for descriptions, they can be added 
for free at a later time.)
You will be set as owner of your private manor, and will now have access 
to the 'home' and 'invite' commands (see the helpfile on each), plus the
ability to 'rstat' to find your room vnum for upgrades.
Congratulations on your new purchase!

There is also a video which shows you how to purchase a manor on Aardwolf:


Transfer a manor

Help MU-Transfer

Manor Upgrades: Transfers

Manors may be sold or transferred between players.  Players wishing to
sell manors usually post a note on the Forsale board.  Any combination of
gold, quest points, and trivia points can be exchanged in manor transfers.
Manor ownership may also be exchanged to another player at no cost- this
is often the case during divorces or when one player decides they are no
longer going to continue playing on Aardwolf.
Once a price is agreed upon, both the buyer and seller must post a note to
Imm and the other player on the upgrades board.  In this note, each player
must confirm the cost in the exchange and the willingness to trade.
After both players have posted these notes, an Immortal will change the
ownership to the purchaser, charge them, and credit the seller.  It is
preferred that both players be online at the time of transfer; if this is
not possible, arrangements can be made.
All manor transfers are logged.  Manors may not be transferred for a period
of two months from purchase or last transfer.  Any attempts to abuse manor
sales (i.e., taking advantage of tier discounts for others or changing the
ownership of a manor to an alt, even through second, third, etc. parties)
will be dealt with harshly.

If the tier transfers a manor that he/she has used a tier discount on,
he/she is no longer eligible for discounts on any future manors for a year 
since the time of sale.

Manor Locations

Help MU-Locations

Manor Upgrades: Available Plots

Manor locations available!
There are four manor locations. Each location has its own theme and 
continent. The estates are as follows:

1. Mountain View Estates  [Manormount] 
2. Shady Acres Estates    [Manorwoods]
3. Prairie Village Estates [Manorville]
4. Seaside Height Estates  [Manorsea]

Note: - Please take a look at the rooms closely and read any signs
        posted. Rooms nearest the entrance to the area will need a 
        manor deed in order to be purchased.

- Previous manor areas are off limits to new construction.
        These manors include: Manor1, Manorisle, and Manor3.

Check out to use the manor upgrade generator.

Obtaining a Land Deed

Help Land Deeds

How Land Deeds work -

Land deeds allow a player to select a prime location for his or her 
manor.  Deeds may be purchased via market sale, or may be purchased
directly from another player with assistance from an immortal to
document the change in ownership.  However, deeds have expiry dates 
after which time they are null and void, therefore the older a deed
is, the less valuable it becomes.

Expiry dates are six months from date of sale.  You can see the expiry
date on the deed by typing 'identify deed' while the deed is in your

How a Deed may be Purchased and Used:

From time to time, an immortal may put a deed for sale as a market
showcase item.  Upon purchase, the player will need to contact an 
Immortal to have the ownership set. The player will need to select their
lot (this is first come first serve) in any of the prime locations in 
the manor areas Mountain View Estates, Prairie Village, Seaside Heights, 
or Shady Acres.  These prime locations are usually those closest to the
area entrance, thus providing easy continent access.  Their locations
are marked by signs that indicate purchase is by deed only.

Ownership of a deed does NOT constitute ownership of a manor.  A player 
may either purchase a manor or move an existing manor. 
Moving an
existing manor has a cost of 3M gold/100qp (less tier discount)
.  This
option (of moving an existing manor) is ONLY available to deed owners.

Upon selection of the location, player must post an upgrade note to imm,
specifying area and desired location.  The selected location must be
free and clear of any existing, unexpired deeds.  One can check this by
typing 'look claimed' in the desired location. 

An immortal will then reserve the location for the player, and add the
location to the player's deed (room key, ownership, and confirm expiry).
A manor must be placed at the claimed site within 6 months of purchase,
after which time the deed will have expired, and be null and void.

Once a manor has been set up at the reserved location, the deed is to be
handed over to an immortal.

If a manor has not been built within this time period, the deed becomes
null and void.  Basically, you are out of luck.  Any claimed area goes 
back into the pot and available to someone else.

Upgrading an Existing Manor

Upgrading Manor Rooms

Help MU-Rooms

Manor Upgrades: Rooms

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

Standard manor rooms include the following:
Name:      (Player's choice, max 80 characters)
Desc:      (Player's choice, max 40 lines)
Sector:    [inside]
Owner:      (Player)
Room flags: [indoors safe]
Heal rate : [100]
Mana rate : [100]

No upgrades (other than name/description and shopkeepers) may be added to 
manor porches.

There is a maximum of five (5) rooms allowed per manor, not including 
the porch.

Additional upgrades:                              Gold      QP
1.  Create a new room                                  10tp
2.  Add bank flag                                    1M      50
3.  Add Fido Express service                        3M      200
4.  Add nohunger flag                                3M      200
5.  Set room to combat maze*                        5M      250
6.  Add silentspell flag                            3M      250
7.  Override sector setting (indoors/outdoors)**  500k      50
8.  Change room sector type**                      500k      50
9.  Heal rate increase above 100 (each %)***      100k      10
10. Mana rate increase above 100 (each %)***      100k      10
11. Add an extra description                      500k      50
12. Change room name/desc (either or both)****      1M      100
13. Toggle nomap in a manor room/porch                  Free
14. Remove unwanted graffiti                                300
* No mobs may reset in combat maze rooms; the resets must be moved to a
different room (read mu-mobs for pricing). The room will also be flagged no-summon.
** Indoors sectors are inside by default, outdoors sectors are outside by
default. If you're unsure if a sector is indoors/outdoors, ask.  No air sector.
*** Maximum heal/mana rates in manor rooms is 200%.
**** The first room name and description are free to the purchasing player.
Foreign language is allowed in manor room descriptions.

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.

Adding or Changing Manor Exits

Help MU-Exits

Manor Upgrades: Exits

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

Every room has one free two-way exit to an existing room.
Available upgrades:                                Gold      QP
1.  One-way exit to area*                            5M      250
2.  One-way exit to your clan**                      5M      250
3.  Two-way exit between spouses manors***          1M      50
4.  Add/remove a door to an exit (w/ nopass)*        3M        0
5.  Add/remove noscan to door                        2M      100
6.  Move/add two-way room link within manor***      1M      50
7.  Move spouse/clan/area exit                      3M      100
8.  Add/remove a locked flag to door****            5M      200
9.  Purchase additional or lost manor key            5M      200
10. Restring a manor key                            1M      100
11. Change an exit to a custom exit*****            1M      150
12. Add/remove nopass flag to door**                2M      100
* See 'help trivia portals' for explanations on area exits and illegal
areas.  Manors may have up to 3 area exits, 1 Aylor recall exit, 1 clan
recall exit, and 1 spouse link.

** Copy all clan leaders in your request.  One leader (two if spouse is in
a different clan) must approve the request.  Spouses and the requester can
not approve their own/spouse's request.

Clan accounts can not be charged for manor upgrades.  Exits lead to clan
recall only (determined by recall skill).

*** This is a single charge, not one per player.  This must be a two-way
link- either north-south, east-west, or up-down, and the spouse must
approve it.

**** See 'help manor locks' for details. The 'door w/nopass' 
upgrade (#4 in MU-Exits) must be purchased before adding the locked flag.

***** Only existing exits between two manor rooms can be converted to a
custom exit.  A custom exit does not come free with the purchase of a new
room.  When buying, choose the command to be typed to take the exit.  For
example: 'fly away'.  The custom exit leading back to the original room is
free, and will be the same as the one you pick to lead into that room.
Enter/exit/char messages can be added and cannot contain colors.  See
'help cexit strings'.

* The purchase of a door gets the manor owner a door that is flagged 
nopass (see next note). The lock and noscan options are separate upgrades, 
addable after the purchase of the door.

** Doors come with nopass by default. This is the price for toggling 
nopass off (making the door passable), or changing it back if you've 
already paid for this once. This feature is not yet available on the 
upgrade generator.

*** This is the cost for either moving an existing two-way link between
existing manor rooms, or for adding a new two-way link between two existing
manor rooms that are already linked to the manor via their original two-
way links in other directions. One-way links between manor rooms are not

Adding or Changing Manor Mobs

Help MU-Mobs

Manor Upgrades: Mobs

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

Standard mobiles include the following:
Keywords:    manor <mob_type> + up to 3 keywords of player's choice
(What you type to interact with it. Ie, questman)
Sex:        Male / Female / Neutral (Player's choice)
Short:      (Player's choice, max 50 characters)
(What is shown when you interact with it. Ie, Ivar the great)
Long:        (Player's choice, max 80 characters)
(What is shown when the mob is in the room and you type look.)
Story:      (Player's choice, max 80 characters)
(What is shown when you type listen <name>)
Desc:        (Player's choice, max 40 lines)
(What is shown when you look at the mob)
There is a maximum of 5 mobiles per manor.  No mobiles may reset into 
a combat maze room.
Available upgrades:                                Gold      QP
1.  Personal trainer*                                5M      200
2.  Personal questor*                              10M      200
3.  Personal healer* (per level, min 30/max 210)100k        5
4.  Personal pet mob                                2M      100
5.  Personal shopkeeper**                          10M 10TP
6.  Change mob keywords/short/long/desc***        500k      50
7.  Change mob sex****                            100k      10
8.  Add/change a mob story*****                    500k      25
9.  Change mob room / reset order******            300k      20
* The trainer, questor and healer flags can be set on a single mob, although
the cost does not change. Use this option if you are getting short on your
manor mob limit, or simply only want one mob in your manor. Consolidating
existing mobs down into one, existing mob is free of charge. Please note in
your upgrade message if you wish to use this option.
* Upgrading the level of a healer after the healer has already been
purchased will only cost the difference between the new level and previous
level.  E.g., a healer previously at level 30 being upgraded to level 60 
will cost the 30 new levels only.

** Shopkeeper is reset on porch selling takable items. Items that reset on
  the Shopkeeper cannot reset in the manor.
Cost in shop for pies 100 gold
Cost in shop for pass door/sanctuary/armor 500 gold
Cost in shop for lotus/refresh level * 4 * number of spells
Cost in shop for heal level * 6 * number of spells

*** This is a single charge to change any or all of the descs at once.
The first changes are free for the original purchaser.
**** First mobile sex setting is free to the purchaser.

***** First mobile story is free when indicated at time of initial
mobile purchase, any story added or changed after this time is subject to
the charge indicated.
****** Mobiles always reset after objects.  Only one reset per mobile
is allowed; additional copies are the cost as if the mobile was new, and
each counts as one mobile towards manor limits.

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.
To easily create an upgrade use the manor upgrade
generator at:

Adding or Changing Manor Objects

Help MU-Objects

Manor Upgrades: Objects

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

Standard objects include the following:
Keywords:    manor <obj_type> + up to 3 keywords of player's choice
(What you type to interact with it. Ie, fountain)
Short:      (Player's choice, max 50 characters, incl. color codes)
(What is shown in your inventory, or interact with it. Ie, a fountain)
Long:        (Player's choice, max 80 characters, incl. color codes)
(What is shown when the item is on the ground and you type look.)

Flags:      magic (other flags must be purchased, see below)
There is a maximum of 8 non-stock objects per manor.  Unchanged campfires
and fountains are stock objects and do not count towards the limit. A manor 
key (help mu-locks) does not count toward this limit either.
Available upgrades:                                Gold      QP
1.  Black lotus item (per level, min 20)*          50K        5
2.  Refresh item (per level, min 20, max 90)*      50K        5
3.  Heal item (per level, min 60)*                  50K        5
4.  Pass door potion (per level, min 40)            50K        5
5.  Sanctuary item (per level, min 30)              50K        5
6.  Pot pie                                          2M      100
7.  Armor (zero stat, zero resist)                  2M      200
8.  Container (max item wt 100, capacity 1000)**    3M      300
9.  Double bed                                      3M      200
10. Increase heal rate on bed (each %)***          100k      10
11. Increase mana rate on bed (each %)***          100k      10
12. Customizable fountain****                        1M      100
13. Change fountain liquid type (stock)****        500K      75
14. Change fountain liquid type (custom)****        3M      300
15. Add/remove poison flag on custom fountain****  250k      10
16. Change object keywords/short/long description  500k      50
17. Add an extra description to an object          500k      50
18. Add burnproof/hum/glow/nolocate to object***** 250k      25
19. Change reset (switch room / repop order)****** 300k      20
20. Reset a takeable item on personal shopkeeper(1) 10M      100
21. Add a campfire to rooms without one              1M      50
22. Customizable campfire*******                    4M      250
23. Change item to/from scroll or potion            1M      100
24. Change the material of your scroll or potion  100k      10

Magical items currently include potions and/or scrolls. Pass door scrolls
are not allowed. Level of items other than refresh may go no higher than 

Upgrading an item already in existence will not require a player to 
purchase the new item. i.e., upgrading a potion from level 40 to 80 will
only require that the player pay for 40 more levels.

* Up to 4 instances can be added.  Per level cost is for total levels-
i.e., a 2x level 20 lotus costs 40 levels.
** IMPORTANT: Items left inside of a manor container will NOT save
through reboots/crashes.  The container cannot be picked up from the
manor floor.

*** Maximum heal/mana rate on manor beds is 200%.

**** To change a fountain, the manor owner must first purchase option 12,
custom fountain.  This includes descriptions and a free liquid type from
'help eq-liquids'.  Once purchased, options 13 or 14 may be purchased to
set either a different stock liquid or a custom liquid (see 'help liquids')
on the fountain.
***** Cost is per flag (glow+hum = 500k gold/50 qp).  No invis flags.
****** Objects in rooms always show in room before mobiles.  Only one reset
per object is allowed; additional copies are the cost as if the object was 
new and count as another vnum towards manor limits.  Only one campfire and
stock fountain are available per manor. This reset cost also needs to be
applied when reorganizing a shop list.

******* Customizable campfires do not count towards the 8 object limit for
manor objects.
(1) An object can be reset in the manor only once. Thus, an object resetting 
on the shopkeeper can not be reset inside the manor. This upgrade cost is
required for any item being reset on a shopkeeper. Default location for new 
items is your manor floor. The cost of resetting an item on a shopkeeper 
does not include reorganizing the order of the shop list, that cost is 
covered under #19 of this help file.

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.

Upgrade Rules

Rules regarding Manors

Help MU-Rules

Manor Upgrades: General Rules

1.  Each player may only own one manor. 
2.  Only one player may own any particular manor.  If spouses wish to 
share the cost of purchasing a manor, they must decide the owner between
themselves.  If they later divorce, the spouse set as owner will have the 
right to keep the manor for him/herself.

3.  Only the manor owner and their spouse may request and pay for a new
manor.  Likewise, only the owner and their spouse may request and pay for
manor upgrades on that player's manor.  If costs are split between spouse
and owner, both must be in the to: field of the upgrade note and both must
agree to the costs.  Clan accounts can not be charged for manor upgrades.
4.  The owner of a manor must agree to all requests made by a spouse,
regardless of who covers the cost of the upgrade.
5.  Spouse manor links will be removed upon divorce, without reimbursement.

6.  Clan links may be removed at a leader's request at any time, without
reimbursement.  Clan links are the
sole responsibility of the clan
leaders.  Immortals will not intervene in the event a manor exit results
in a clan being breached.

7.  If a manor is sold, any existing 'free' description changes are not
transferred to the new owner- he/she must pay the cost per room/mobile/
object to change names/descriptions.
8.  Any player or clan's likeness (exact name or logo format/colors) used
in any manor upgrade needs the approval of that player/clan's leaders.

9.  In order to keep Aardwolf's environment lighthearted and respectful, 
any upgrades that contain political hot-button issues will be denied.

10.  The Immortals have the right to refuse or remove any upgrade found to
be offensive or abusive of rules, without reimbursement.
11. All manors are limited to 5 rooms (excluding porch), 8 objects, 5 mobs,
and 1 program per mob.

12. The owner of the manor may request to remove any resets free of
charge but keep in mind there are no reimbursements.

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.

Imms: Reset object keyword to "Free Key".

General Upgrade Info

Help Upgrade Requests

Requests for upgrades must be posted on the 'upgrades' board to 'imm'.  If
your request is on another board, there is a very good chance of it being

Only clan leaders and manor owners may request upgrades.  If you are not a
clan leader, post your note to them and have them post it.  If your spouse
is the owner of the manor being upgraded, include them in the note so they
can give permission.  Upgrades stating 'My leader wants me to request these
upgrades' or 'Please change [this] in my spouse's manor' will not be

Please include all necessary information for each upgrade.  This includes
room key (clan-# or manor(etc)-#, not UID), mob or object keys as needed,
and all strings (see 'help strings') for each request.  Remember to include
shopkeeper mob keys as well for clan item upgrade requests.

Also include the help file and item number where the upgrade is listed,
along with costs and any tier discount (if applicable).  To find the
correct help file for your upgrade, use the following prefixes:
help cdef- lists clan defense upgrade categories
help ch- lists closed hall upgrade categories
help eq- lists clan equipment upgrade categories
help cm- lists clan management categories
help mu- lists manor upgrade categories

These steps will help the Imms complete the upgrade quickly and make sure
it is exactly what you desire.  Thanks for the cooperation!

An example note:

Please add a new room up from my current manor room (manor3-9999).  The
name of the room should be @GUp the Oak Tree@w.  I will add a description
later.  I am eligible for T1 discount.

In this new room, add a level 30 healer:
Name: manor healer hello nurse
Sex: female
Short: a nurse
Long: This nurse is more than happy to tend your wounds.
Dressed in the typical white outfit, this nurse is certainly ready to tend
to your needs.

Add a story to this healer: 
Time to take your temperature!  ...Oh!  Not that way!

Finally, add an exit north from this room to Aylor.

Total cost should be

MU-ROOMS 1.  Create a new room                10tp
MU-MOBS  3.  Personal healer                3M      150
MU-MOBS  8.  Add/change a mob story      500k      25
MU-EXITS 1.  One-way exit to area          5M      250

Total is 8.5M/10tp/425qp, or 7.65M gp, 9tp, and 383qp after discount.

Tiers get discounts

Help MU-Tier

Manor Upgrades: Tier Information

1.  Tier bonuses are 10% per tier, rounded down, to a maximum of 50%.
2.  Tier discounts may only be applied on the manor the tiered player owns,
or that his spouse owns, with the following restrictions:

If the tiered player does not own a manor, he/she may use the discount on
his/her spouse's manor.  If the tiered player does own a manor, he/she may
NOT use his/her discount on his/her spouse's manor.
3.  Tier discounts will not be carried over to another manor.  If a tier
uses his/her discount on a spouse's manor and then purchases his/her own,
discounts on purchase and future upgrades do not apply for a year from the
time the tier discount on spouse's manor was last used. If the tier sells a
manor that he/she has used a tier discount on, he/she is no longer eligible
for discounts on any future manors for a year since the time of sale.
4.  Tier discounts only apply when requested in the upgrade note.
5.  Tier discounts only apply on the tier's portion of a split upgrade
cost based on the rules above.  (I.E., a tier 5 splitting half an upgrade
costing 10m gold pays 2.5m gold (50% of half of 10m); the other spouse 
pays 5m.)
6.  Tier discounts do not apply when transferring manors between players.

Sample Upgrade Request

Help MU-Request

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

From    : Korridel: Manor Upgrade
Forum  : Upgrades - #192834
To      : imm
Date    : Sun May 19 13:04:15 2013


I would like to purchase the following upgrades for my manor.  These
will be all in my main room manormount-229.

One way exit to area

This exit will be down from manormount-229 to the area Rebellion of the Nix.
This is a valid area as it is not listed in Help Trivia Portals.

Heal Potion

I would like to have a 4x heal potion, level 60 (240 levels as per
help mu-object).  The potion should have the following strings:

keywords: manor heal potion hello world program

Short: Hello World!
(With colour codes) - @CH@Yell@Co @GW@Corl@Gd@W!@w
(28 characters, within the 50 character limit)

Long: A simple programming example is here saying hello to the world!
(63 characters, within the 80 character limit)

Manor Healer

I would like this reset in manormount-229 at level 100.

Name: manor healer code compiler program

Short: A Code Compiler
(with colour codes) - @WA @GCode @CCompiler@w
(23 characters)

Long: When your code is done, this application compiles it!
(53 characters)

Sex: Neutral

Story: The compiler failed with error code 19584

As every language needs it, this compiler will take any code and compile it.
Whether it runs or not, is up to you.  Listen to the compiler and it'll teach
you many little errors that you have included and hopefully enough information
to fix them!


One-way exit to area                            5M        250QP
Heal Potion x240                    240*50k = 12M 240*5= 1200QP
Personal healer                    100*100k = 10M 100*5=  500QP
Total (before discount)                        27M        1950QP
Tier discount (tier 5 = 50%)                -13.5M        -975QP
Grand Total                                  13.5M        975QP 



Sample Heal Request

Help MU-heal

Manor Upgrades: 

The Manor Upgrade Generator is now available!  Use this online generator
and all math and the details are done for you.

Sample Upgrade Request for Heal Potion with a Shopkeeper:

Please add the following to my manor:
I would like a 4x level 200 heal potion with the burnproof, glow, and hum
flags to be added to the shopkeeper at my manor. 

By using the rstat command in the manor room located north of my porch, I
discovered that my shopkeeper is located at the room key manormount-264.

I am tier 5 so I will be eligible for a 50% tier discount.

Therefore the pricing for my heal potion will be as follows:

Heal potion:  50K GOLD 5 QP per level * 4 instances =
              50,000 * 200 * 4    5 * 200 * 4 =
40,000,000 GOLD    4000 QP

Reset on shopkeeper:  10M GOLD      100 QP

Add burnproof, hum, or glow to an object: 250k GOLD      25 QP
Add burnproof, hum, or glow to an object: 250k GOLD      25 QP
Add burnproof, hum, or glow to an object: 250k GOLD      25 QP

Subtotal:                  50,750,000 GOLD      4175 QP
50% Tier Discount:        25,375,000 GOLD      2087.5 QP
Total:                    25,375,000 GOLD      2087 QP

I would like the object descriptions/keywords to be:

Short (max 50 characters): @RMy @CSuper @GHeal @YPot@w

Long (max 80 characters): My Super Heal Pot happens to be here.

Extra Keywords (max 3): my super potastic

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.

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