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Item: Manor

Manors are a piece of Aardwolf that you can call your own. For a large price in trivia points you can purchase a private room and a porch that can be customized to have the look and feel that you want. Additions and upgrades can also be bought. Other small fun items can be purchased such as manor pies and manor potions.

Help Manors

Players may buy and customize private areas of their own.  This is not
an inexpensive process, but is available to anyone that has the required

Several features come with owning a manor:

- When you have a private room, you also have a command called 'home',
  which works the same as recall but instead takes you back to your manor.
- Married players can share the expenses and benefits of a manor; only one
  player can be registered as the owner, however.
- Every manor includes a porch- a 'waiting room' of sorts which allows
  other players to wait to be allowed inside.  (See 'help invite'.)
- While in your room, you can 'look outside' to see who is in your waiting
  room that you might want to invite in.
- A player in your 'waiting room' can ring the doorbell (see 'help ring'),
  and the manor owner/spouse will be notified.
- Your room comes with a free fireplace and fountain and may be customized
  in several ways (see 'help manorupgrade').
- Private rooms are 'safe'; you cannot be attacked unless you purposely
  toggle this flag off, and then only by players you invite inside.
- Manors can be sold to other players; this can even involve the transfer
  of Quest and Trivia points (see 'help mu-transfer').
For information on how to request a new manor see 'help manor purchase'.
For information on available upgrade options  see 'help manorupgrade'.
For information on available locations        see 'help mu-locations'
For a general list of manor help files, type '
index mu-'

*** Please note that all upgrades need to be submitted to the Imms on
the upgrades board.
To easily create an upgrade use the manor upgrade
generator at:

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