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Item: Immpills

Each Immortal tends to have one (or more) custom-made pills specific to their Imm theme. These are often of most value to collectors; however, they also tend to contain beneficial spells that can be gained by eating them.

List of known Imm pills

  (M)(G)(H) ::: Obyron's Jagermei-- er "droid lubricant" ::: [1]
(M)(G)(H) Aerianne's Fairy Friday Pill [1]
(B)(M)(G)(H) (REAL) Xeno's Pill of Awesomeness [1]
(M) Xantcha's "fixed" Deck of Cards [1]
(M) Halo's Broken Imm Pill [1]
(M) Vitae's Drunken Stupor [1]
(M) Ecla's Drop Bear Droppings [1]
(M) Ikyu's Happy Pill [1]
(M) Claire's Homemade Oatmeal Cookie [1]
(M) Glimmer's Jagged Little Pill [1]
(M) 100% Pure Citronic Extract [1]
(M) .oO Kinson Oo. .oO Mode Oo. [1]
(M) Vladia's Vampiric Stake and Garlic Leftovers [1]
(M) Domain's little blue pill [1]
(M) Rumour's Little Secret [1]
(M) )Moonshine( Guinness Whoopie Pies [1]
(M) Broud's Mastery of Illusion [1]
(M) the Holy Avocado [1]
(M) (( Rhuli Was Here )) [1]
(M) Korri's I Can't Believe Dexter was Right [1]
(M) Laren's Bucket of Bacon [1]

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