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There is no best piece of gear. Part of what should go into your decision making on which piece of gear is better, is derived from the stats of the equipment and your needs based on race, class, spells, and what other gear you already have. Different players have different styles of play and therefore some prefer more balanced stats and others prefer unbalanced stats. Neither is right or wrong, just different. Remember there is a cap to the amount of additional stats from equipment that may be gained at any given level. Aardwolf is largely a stat based game, particularly at lower levels. Therefore the focus has been on stats and not on resists. However, large negative resists are something to think twice about.

A good approach is to explore and keep your eyes open for good equipment when it appears, whether it be on mobs, on auction, at donation or in [help.shops | shops].

It is not necessary to always run out for every piece of gear that one hears about. Consider what you have currently versus the benefits of the new piece.

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