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Item: Clandonate

  Syntax: clandonate <amount/all>     : Donates money to clan account.
          clandonate                  : Shows current total donations to clan.

Related helps: Clanqpdonate

This command donates the amount of gold specified to your clan's account. All members of a clan donate into this clan account, and the money in the account is used towards clan upgrades and other fees. Only Immortals may take money from clan accounts, and only clan leaders may request clan funds be used.

Once you have donated this money to your clan, there is no way to get it back. If you are later disgruntled with the former clan, they do not have any way to return the funds to you.

You can see how much gold is available in your clan account by typing claninfo <your clan>. This only works for your own clan.

You can see how much gold you have donated by typing either whois, or by checking roster <clan> 7, this is also only available for your own clan.

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