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Item: Aardweapon

The Aardwolf quest Weapons

Weapons: (Cost: 1000qp)

 Level Based: Below level 80, damage is LevelD4.
             Level 80 and above, damage is LevelD5. 
             Hitroll bonus of level/10 (Minimum of 5).
             Damroll bonus of level/10 (Minimum of 5).

 Other Info : Weapons can be sold back to questor for 500qp as long as 
             you are the owner. The number in brackets is their default
             weight but note that weight can be changed with trivia points.

             Axe      : Cleave - Vorpal flag.         (20)
             Dagger   : Pierce - Sharp Flag.          (10)
             Flail    : Beating - Vampiric Flag.      (25)
             Halberd  : Drain - Changing Flag.        (25)
             Mace     : Pound - Frost Flag.           (20)
             Staff    : Thwack - Shocking flag.       (15)
             Sword    : Slice - Flaming flag.         (35)
             Whip     : Shocking Bite - Vampiric flag.(15)

The most common weapons are the Axe and Dagger. Many modifications can be applied to your weapons at the Weaponsmith complex, just "Runto weapon" to get there.

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