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Help: Wishes

Help Wishes

Syntax: wish              : Lists your current wishes.
        wish costs        : Lists available wishes with adjustment cost.
        wish list          : Lists all wishes and adjustment costs.
        wish for <keyword> : At Vira, buys the wish w/ given keyword.

Wishes are special abilities for experienced Aardwolf players and are very 
much considered luxury items - this is reflected in their cost. 

Wishes are obtained with quest points and each wish has two costs- a base
cost for that wish and an 'adjustment' cost.  When you buy a wish, the
adjustment cost of every wish you already have is totaled and added to the
base cost of that new wish.  For example, if three wishes cost 5000 quest
points each and have an adjustment of 1000, then the first will cost you
5000, the second will cost you 6000, and the third will cost you 7000.  As
a player gets more wishes and their advantage from wishes grows, so will
the costs.  If a wish is ever removed from the game, the cost of the wish
itself will be reimbursed to those who bought it; however, adjustment
costs will not be returned.  This is the price paid for making use of the
wish while it was still available.

You must be at Vira (located up from the pulpit in the church of Aylor) to
'wish for' any wish.  The other wish commands may be used anywhere.  Wishes
are saved over remorts and tiers. They are NOT saved over a recreate- see
'help multiplaying' for an explanation.

The following wishes are available:

Auctioneer: You will be able to auction 3 items at a time on regular 
auction instead of a single item.

Bravery:  You will not flee the scene when mobs spook or intimidate you.
This does not affect things such as 'mob force' fleeing, etc.

Duration:  The 'duration' wish increases the length of most spellup spells
(whether cast by yourself, from others, or quaffed from potions) by 50%. 
Spells with timed recoveries and the special imm spells are not affected
by this wish.

Exprate:  Increases experience from kills by 10%. Numbers are rounded up,
but you have to gain at least 10xp to get any bonus from this. You can turn
on/off the display of bonus experience using the 'exprate' command. People
with the exprate wish can see the current setting in 'config all'.

Fasthunt:  When you are hunting victims out in the wild, you will take less
time to recover before being able to hunt again.

Gills:  You are always able to breathe underwater, and able to navigate
through water without flight or a boat.

Identify:  This wish displays full object details when using the 
'identify' command, similar to using the command at Hester's. Identify
wish has no lag, can be used during combat, and applies also to the
auction system's identify.

Nightvision:  This wish sets a permanent 'night vision' flag on your 
character, but is not a 'see all' wish.  Please see 'help nightvision' 
before buying this wish.  You may toggle this wish on and off with the 
'nonightvision' command (see 'help nonightvision'). 

Nodirt:  This wish makes you completely immune to the blindess resulting
from dirt kick.  Other skills and spells that cause blindness are NOT
covered.  This wish does work in PVP.

Nohunger:  Hunger/thirst are set to 50 (high enough to not suffer negative
effects of starvation).  You can still eat or drink, but hunger and thirst
levels will not change.  Players which had the 'quest buy nohunger' option
now have this wish instead, and there is no adjustment cost.

Nomarbu:  This wish prevents the blinding affect of burnt marbu and marbu
jet from working on you.  You will still be damaged, but will be unable to
be blinded (via these skills only).  This wish does work in PVP.

Noteleport:  Other characters and monsters will not be able to teleport
you away from combat.  You may still cast teleport on yourself.

Novorpal:  This wish makes you immune to the vorpal effect on weapons.
The weapons will still do damage, but will not decapitate you.

Noweb:  Monsters will not be able to use the web spell on you.  This
wish is not effective in player-vs-player combat. A small number of mobs 
will force you to cast web on yourself, this wish does not resist that.

Passdoor:  Treats your character as if you always have the 'pass door'
affect.  You may still cast the spell, but it has no additional bonus.  You
can toggle this wish by using the command 'nopassdoor', which will show in
'config' after the wish is purchased.

Pockets:  Allows you to carry an extra 100 items above your normal 
limit (based on level and strength).  Also see 'help vault' for an
alternative to pockets.

Pockets2-6:  Allows you to carry an additional 100 extra items, regardless
of stats and level.  Each must be bought in order and stacks on top of the
previous wish(es).

Popularity:  Increases maximum number of friend slots by 40.

Portal:  This wish gives access to an additional equipment slot for items 
of type 'portal'.  There are two benefits to this wish- the convenience of
not having to keep removing your second weapon to enter a portal, and the
stat bonus from any portals with bonus stats. Portal level limits still
apply and you cannot wear a portal of higher level than you + tier bonus.

Privacy:  When people look at you, they will not be able to see what you
are wearing.  This wish is most useful for rangers that want to wear a
dress without getting stereotyped.  Thieves with the 'peek' skill may still
be able to see what you are carrying.  You can toggle the effects of this
wish with 'noprivacy', which will appear in 'config all' when this wish 
is purchased.

Rebuild:  Adds a free rebuild to your character- see 'help rebuild'.
There is no adjustment cost applied to/from this purchase; it is always 2000
quest points, and may be purchased multiple times if desired.

Scholar: Allows you to practice skills up to 95% rather than 85%.

Showscry:  This wish will identify who cast a scry spell ('help scry') on
you, rather than just a vague feeling you are being watched.  The caster is
not informed that you have this wish.

Spellup:  This wish allows you to cast spellup spells in half the time it
would usually take. A spellup spell is defined as those spells that are
listed under 'spells spellup'.

Spellup2:  Reduces the casting time on spellup skills (not spells), and
reduces the lag penalty on failed spellup spell casts.  You must purchase
the 'spellup1' wish before purchasing 'spellup2'.

Statcost:  Allows you to set a -1 stat cost reduction in the stat of 
your choice each remort/rebuild.  This works in the same way as tierstat, 
and can be used in any stat regardless of tierstats.  See 'help wishstats' 
for instructions on using this wish. 

Uncurse:  This wish allows you to use the 'uncurse' command to remove the 
nodrop/noremove flags from all carried and worn items at once.  Items which
are inside a container will not be uncursed.  This wish has no effect on a
curse spell cast upon you.

Weapons:  You are treated as having 100% skill in every weapon type 
excluding hammer, regardless of your class(es)' ability to use them.  If
you do have the weapon skill, it will provide the experience bonus as it
increases with use, though for purposes of combat, you already have 100%

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