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Help: Wimpy

Help Wimpy

Syntax: wimpy            : Sets your wimpy value to 20% of max hp.
        wimpy <number>  : Sets your wimpy value to the amount entered.

Typing '
wimpy' will set your wimpy level to 20% of your current maximum hit
points.  When your character takes damage that reduces your hit points below
this wimpy value, you will automatically attempt to flee. You can only flee 
if your character is not considered "busy" - using many skills and spells
puts your character into a busy state for a while, so it is extremely 
difficult to flee if you regularly stack multiple attacks at a time.

The maximum amount you can set your wimpy to is 50% of your current maximum
hit points.  It does not change when you level- you must set it manually each
time you want it to change.  Your current wimpy value is listed in '

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