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Help: Wear

Help Wear

Syntax: wear <object> (location) : Wears a particular object.
        wear all                : Attempts to wear all items in inventory.
        wearable                : Lists wear locations.

To gain the benefits of an item, you must 'wear' it.  You may not be able
to wear an item if it is too heavy, you are too inexperienced, or it is an
opposing alignment.

'wear all' will attempt to wear all items in inventory.  The first item
from your inventory which fills an empty wear slot, will go in that slot.

Many wearable items offer resistances and/or stats.  Some also offer item
affects- see 'help nofail' for more information.

Some wear-locations are duplicated (for example, wearing two items on the
neck or something on each hand) and may (eventually) vary from player to
player.  You can see the different wear locations available to you with the
'wearable' command.  Items may be worn to a particular slot by using 'wear
<item> <wear-keyword>' (e.g., 'wear chain neck2').

Some commands use wear flags for sorting options; this is visible in the
last column of 'wearable'.

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