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Help: TrueSeeing

Help True Seeing

Syntax: cast 'true seeing'
Spell Number: 178

This wonderful spell allows the caster to see as if affected by many of 
the sight-enhancing and detecting spells.

Stats do not have an affect on the abilities of this spell.

Note: This spell adds several separate detection effects to your character
rather than one true seeing effect.  This leads to the possibility of two or
more True Seeing effects on your character at the same time (e.g., cast
detect hidden, then cast true seeing, wait for detect hidden to wear off,
then cast true seeing a second time). 

This is also the reason the in-game '
spellup' command ('help spellup') will
attempt to cast this spell when wearing the Aardwolf Helm of True Sight.
This issue can be circumvented by using the '
forgetskill' command (see
help forgetskill' to temporarily remove true seeing from the list of cast
spells used by the spellup command).

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