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Help Town Of Solan

After a devastating earthquake utterly destroyed the town, the remaining 
citizens decided to rebuild.  However they realized their lives would not be 
exactly the same.  With high hopes and a new name they began rebuilding. 
The Town of Solan is that result.  The Town of Solan is a peaceful farming 
town near the Western High Road, a busy trade route in central Mesolar.
While the people of Solan have mostly recovered from their earthquake, they 
can still use assistance for some small things. Do you have some time to 
spare for their tasks?

Level Range        : 5 to 35
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 10
Goal Converter      : Zafirah 
Area Author        : Zafirah

Area replaces the Town of Solace.

The AardWiki has maps of the area here:

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