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Help: Shops

Help Shops

Syntax: list [<keywords>/inv/inventory]      : List items in store.
Syntax: buy [<quantity>] <object / shop num>  : Purchase item(s) from shop.
Syntax: sell <object>                        : Sell item to shop.
        sell all(.item)                      : Sell all unkept items.
Syntax: appraise <object/shop number>        : Show details of shop item.
Syntax: value <object>                        : Show worth of item if sold.

Use 'list' to see a list of items available at a shop.  You can see specific
items by using 'list <text>'; this will only show items with a keyword that
contains the given text.(e.g., 'list sword').

The first column in the 'list' command, Num, is the shop number for that
item.  It can be used with buy and appraise (see below) to target specific
items in the shop list.  For example, if a short sword is shop num 3 and a
long sword is shop num 5, 'buy sword' will buy the first sword in the list
(the short sword), but 'buy 5' will always buy the long sword.  'Qty' shows
how many of the given object the shopkeeper has on hand; if Qty is listed as
'---', the shopkeeper has an infinite supply.  'list inv'/'list inventory'
will show only these items, hiding what others have sold to the shop.

The 'appraise' command will show stats on an item available for purchase, as
well as the amount of time it will be available in the store.

The 'buy' command buys an object from a shopkeeper, provided you have enough
gold on hand.  You can buy either by item name ('buy sword') or item number
('buy 5').  to buy more than one of a particular item, insert the quantity
before the item name/number ('buy 10 bread').

'sell' will sell an item to a shopkeeper for gold.  Shopkeepers won't
buy items with no value, or items with certain types of flag. Using 
'sell all' will attempt to sell all valid items in inventory that are not 
kept (see 'help keep') at once.  'sell all.<item>' will attempt to only 
sell all items with the given keyword (e.g., 'sell all.dagger').

If an item (other than the infinite inventory) sold to a shop does not sell
after several minutes, the shopkeeper will remove it from circulation and
the item is completely gone.  Items owned to a particular clan will also
disappear when sold to a shopkeeper.

Use the 'value' command ('value <object>') to see how much an item is worth
to a shopkeeper before selling it.

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