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Help: RemortAuction

Help Remort Auction

Syntax: rauction <item>        : Places item up for remort auction.
        rbid <item#> <amount>  : Show stats or bid quest points on item.

When superheroes decide to remort or tier, they are given the chance to
auction some of their quest equipment for quest points.  These auctions
take place on the 'rauction' channel. Typing 'rauction' toggles this
channel on and off.

The rauction system is similar to that of the auction system, allowing
multiple items to be put up for auction and bid upon at once.  To see the
items currently up for remort auction, type 'rbid'.  To see stats on one of
the particular items, type 'rbid <num>'.

Unlike the auction channel, you use quest points to bid on remort-auctioned
items, which may only be used to sell quest equipment.  To bid on an item,
type 'rbid <num> <amount of qp>'.  Your bid must be at least 20qp higher
than the previous bid, to a maximum of 999,999 quest points.  There is no
tax on items sold in remort auctions.  Items which receive no bids will be
returned to the seller as soon as the rauction timer ends.

Be very careful when bidding on rauction.  It is the seller's option to
reimburse for misbids- it is NOT required!  If a misbid does occur and both
players can come to an agreement on a fair price, contact an Imm (in tells
or note to Imm and both players on Personal board) to do a transfer.
Indicate the item sold, the amount originally bid, and the agreed-upon
price.  When both have confirmed the price, an Imm will make the
appropriate transfers.  Remember, this is a courtesy extended by the
selling player, not a right!

Superheroes wanting to auction their quest items should first read 'help
remort' or 'help tier' as appropriate, to learn the procedures for each.
There is currently no way to rauction quest equipment without remorting or

Selling quest items on the Aardwolf Market (long-term auctions) is also
available only during remort mode.  See 'help market' for more details.

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