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Help: Recall

Help Recall

Syntax:  recall

Recall' prays to your clan god or Ayla for miraculous transportation to
bring you back to Aylor.  '
/' is a synonym for recall (though it may be 
interpreted by a MUD client as something different).

Using 'recall' outside of combat is automatically successful provided you
are not in a number of rooms which leave you forsaken.  Using recall while
engaged in combat has a chance of failure (based upon your skill, but even
at 100%, may still fail), and costs you more experience points than just
fleeing the room.

Using recall costs half your current movement points up to a maximum of
5000 moves. If you are a member of a clan, recall will take you back to your 
clan's recall point rather than to Aylor.

In order to return to the Academy, recall, then go up.

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