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Long ago, in her anger with Zeus, Hera conspired with Gaia and Tartarus to
create a monster capable of defeating Zeus. That monster was named Typhos.
Zeus and Typhos fought a terrible battle that resulted in Typhos being
defeated. Now, ages after that battle, Typhos is gaining strength and 
threatens to destroy our world. With the threat of Typhos emerging again, 
some of the gods have gone into hiding again.

Will you be the person to venture into the Zodiac and save the world?

Level Range        : 20 to 30
Goal Difficulty    : Easy
Goal Recommended at : Level 25
Goal Min Level      : Level 20
Goal Converter      : Teleron
Area Author        : Aardwolf Community

Area added Mar 6, 2008.  Replaces Galaxy.

The Aardwiki has maps of the area here:

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