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Suggested Races for Cleric:

Dark Elf : Outcast brothers of the elves, now living underground.
Diva    : Children of the elements, attuned to nature.
Dwarf    : Short, stocky folk with well balanced attributes.
Eldar    : Mysterious ancient race, masters of magic and lore.
Elf      : Mentally and physically agile race enamoured with magic.
Lizardman: Lizard crossbreeds with exceptional strength and wisdom.
Shadow  : Ethereal beings with a penchant for magic.

Other races available: Centaur, Giant, Half-Griffon, Halfling, Human,
              Quickling, Ratling, Sprite, Triton, Troll, Vampire, Wolfen

More details on each race are available by typing 'help <racename>'

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