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Help: Quest

Help Quest

Syntax: quest request|complete|fail|list  (at questmaster)
        quest buy|sell|appraise <item>    (at questmaster)
        quest points|time|info            (anywhere)

If you find a questmaster, you can ask him/her to send you on a personal
quest to kill a particular monster.  Doing so and returning to complete the
quest yields (at least) gold and quest points, two very useful currencies
in Aardwolf.

To request a quest, go to a questor ('
find quest' in Aylor, though there
are many others) and '
quest request'.  Go to the area listed and find and
kill the target (it will be easy to spot, with
[QUEST] appearing after 
its description in the room), and then return to a questmaster and '

Completing a quest rewards some gold based upon your level, as well as some
quest points, an extra quest point per tier (see '
help tier'), two extra
points if you are using MCCP (see '
help mccp'), and possibly additional
bonuses- more quest points, trains, practices, and/or a trivia point.

Once you complete a quest, you may quest again in 30 minutes of online
time. If you can't find your target or don't want to do the quest given, 
you can '
quest fail' at a questor to fail the quest.  You only have to 
wait 15 minutes after a failed quest to quest again. When you fail a quest 
because you run out of time, you can immediately quest again. If you "fail"
a quest because you accidentally quit / get disconnected then it will be 
considered a regular 15 minute quest fail. 

You may use '
quest time' (which tells your time remaining until next quest
or time remaining on current quest) and '
quest info' (which tells your
current quest or time until next quest) anywhere.  You may also put the
amount of time until next quest in your prompt- see '
help prompt'.

Amongst other things, quest points are useful for buying special quest
equipment from questors.  See '
help quest items' for a list of these
items.  Use '
quest list' at a questor to see the list of items that are
available.  (Details on each item are covered in '
help quest items'.)  Use
quest buy <item>' and 'quest sell <item>' to buy and sell quest equipment
from a questor.  You may also '
quest appraise <item>' to see item stats
before purchasing it.  Also see '
help remort auction' for an alternative
way of buying and selling quest equipment.

Questing is an individual effort; if a group member kills your quest mob,
you will not get credit.  Though quest targets are always picked based
upon your current level, that does not mean there won't be other (possibly
higher-level) monsters or other obstacles in the way.  Once in a great
while, you may think you have found the right target but it does not have
the target flag or give credit; this is not a bug- see '
help mobkeys'.

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