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Help: Quaff

Help Quaff

Syntax: quaff <potion>

'quaff' drinks potions of a magical nature.  'drink' is used for mundane
liquids.  Potions that are quaffed will always affect yourself, not a 
target.  Unlike other magical objects (staves, wands, and scrolls), you
will always quaff a potion successfully; there is no skill involved.

Note that certain spells can only be used from an object if you are a class
that can cast those spells. To check a specific spell, use 'showskill
<spellname>'. This command will show, among other things, if a spell is
restricted when on objects.

Once you quaff a potion, the potion is totally consumed.

To reduce the multi-lined output from quaffing a potion, see help healtype.

You may use drink instead of quaff.

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