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Quicklings are a freakish outcast of the faerie Folk and are treated as
mutants by all faeries due to their strange ability to move at an
exaggerated rate.  No one knows how quicklings came to existence. They are
average at most classes, but their small size still limits them in combat.
However, their natural speed enables them to attack more often than other
races. Quicklings have the use of the commands 'HASTE' and 'SLOW' to become
hastened/normal as they wish. Magic interferes with their innate abilities,
but they absorb energy and are less bothered by energy based attacks.

                        STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON LUCK
Quickling Start Stats  :  11  12  12  15  13  19
Training Costs        :  +1  -1  +1  -1  +1  -1

Permanent Affects      : None.
Permanent Skills      : Haste, Hide, Second Attack.

NOTE: Stats are very important on Aardwolf. See 'help train' and 'help
      raceinfo' for information on max stats and the training costs.

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