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Help: Potsearch

Help Potsearch

Syntax: potsearch <spell name/number> ([item type] details)
        [Item type] can be one of: pill, potion, staff, scroll, or wand.

The 'potsearch' command is useful when you want to find a specific spell on
readily available potions or similar items.

Type 'potsearch <spell>' for a brief list of all items containing the spell
you are looking for.  You must use either the full spell name or the spell
number from showskill (e.g., 'potsearch 90' or 'potsearch black lotus').
Only the given spell will be returned- to find all healing spells, for
example, you would have to 'potsearch heal', 'potsearch cure critical',
etc., separately.

Adding one of the item types listed above restricts output to only items 
of that particular type.  Adding 'details' to the end of the argument will
list all the spells on each item that is found.

Note: This command does not provide a list of every potion in the game.  It
only lists potions that are relatively easy to access- those in Aylor, most
open clan shops, and a small number of other easy-to-find locations.

For help finding other equipment, see '
help eqsearch'.

          Video help on using the potsearch command in Aardwolf:


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