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Help: Pagesize

Help Pagesize

(for help on casting spells via scrolls, see 'help scrolls'.)

Syntax:  pagesize <number of lines>

The 'pagesize' command tells the MUD how many lines to display before the
pageprompt is displayed.  This allows you to control how much information
is on the screen at one time.  'pagesize 0' will disable the pageprompt;
'pagesize' by itself will show your current setting.

When the pageprompt shows, the following options are available:

  [Enter] : View next page.
  A      : View all of the output at once.
  B      : Go back a page.
  E      : View the remaining pages at once.
  L      : Skip to the last page.
  Q      : Quit the pager.
  R      : Refresh the current page.
  T      : Return to the top of the paged output.

You may customize the pageprompt; see 'help pageprompt'.  'scroll' is an
alias for 'pagesize'.

Having tags on will disable paging on some commands so that the output can
be captured by clients. See 'help tags' for more information on this.

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