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Help Newguide-stats

Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Stats, Equipment, & Auctions

On Aardwolf, the stats you choose to train for your character will have a
big impact on your abilities in combat! The six
stats are: Strength,
Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Luck. These stats,
combined with your character's class, will determine effectiveness with
skills and spells and your overall combat style. To aid you in training
the stats you desire, the help files for each class list the primary stats
that will affect their respective skills/spells. A more detailed
explanation of the individual stats and their functions can be found in
help stats'. Individual class recommendations can be found in 'help class
To raise your stats, you'll need to know where and how to train. There are
trainers scattered all over the mud, but each class has an exclusive tower
in Aylor designed to aid new players in this endeavor. It is strongly
recommended you leave Hp, Mana, and Moves alone until you plan to sit at
Superhero for awhile, other stats are more important. When at a trainer, the
train <stat>' command can be used to increase respective stats and the
practice <skill>' command can be exploited for your skills/spells (for more
details, see '
help train' and 'help practice'). The class tower trainers can
be found with '
runto <class name>'.

If you are just starting to figure out the game, a general guideline can
be to train each of your stats until the cost is more than one train. 
After that focus on the primary stats for your class (the primary stats 
for each class can be found in '
help newbie-stats').
To help you boost your stats, you'll want to keep your
equipment updated.
If you'd like an ingame aid to assist you in this process, you can toggle
autoeq' on. Every 5 levels it will perform an 'eqsearch all' (help
) and notify you if there are better pieces of equipment compared to
your currently worn equipment. Hint: While looking at shops to purchase
equipment, make sure you are affected by '
detect invis'.

It's important to know that each of your stats has a limit to which it
can be trained. On top of training stats, there is a max on the amount of
stats you can gain from equipment and spells. For a detailed explanation
and breakdown, read '
help maxstats'.

It's also good to keep an eye on our barter systems. The
auction channel
is a short term auction to either sell or buy items from players, with a
small tax. For special items we have a long term auction, our
(see 'help market).

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