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Help Market

Note: This helpfile contains full information on the Aardwolf market 
      place. For a list of the fields shown in 'lbid' or 'market list', 
      see 'help lbidformat'


The 'Aardwolf Marketplace' is similar to auction but has a number of 
additional features. The item listings last for up to a week and save
over reboots. It is intended to be used for special items where the 
seller feels that they will get a better price for an item if it is seen 
by a larger number of players. Items can be listed as regular auctions or
with a buyout price and players can make regular bids on items or use
special 'proxy bids'.


  market sell <item> [type] <days>  : List an item for sale.
  market sell <item> [type] <hours> hours
  market sell <item> [type] showcase : List a showcase item for sale.
  market sell <item> [type] buyout [amount]
  'Type' is QP, TP or gold. 'Days' is optional in the range 1-7.
NOTE: selling items for TP is only available to Immortals and their 
    items.  They will not auction your stuff for you for TP.)
  market list                        : List items for sale.
  market search [search options]    : Search the list of items for sale. 
                                      See 'help ifilter' for options.

  market bid <auction #>            : See stats of an item.
  market bid <auction #> <amount>    : Bid on an item.
  market bid <auction #> history    : See bidding history on an item.
  market bid sellers                : Lists sellers and top bidders for
                                      each item.
  market bid <#> <amount> proxy      : Place a proxy bid. See 'help 
                                      proxy bidding'.

  market [on|off]                    : Turn market channel on or off.
  market notes                      : Toggle outbid notes when you are

Selling an item:

Regular items can be sold for gold at any time. Quest items can be listed
for quest points whenever you would normally be able to remort auction 
them, that is, when you are level 201 and flagged as remorting. Regular
items cannot be sold for QP.  All auctions have a default duration of 2 days.

To list an item for gold costs a fixed rate of 100k gold and 10% of the 
final sale price is taken as commission. There are no tier discounts. The
commission is capped at 1 million gold. 

To list an item for QP costs a fixed amount of 50qp. There is no
commission taken at the end of the auction period and if the item does 
not sell it will be returned to you automatically (
NOTE: this is true 
for regular auctions as well as QP auctions).

Particularly valuable items can be listed as '
showcase' items.
Showcase items are automatically posted to the Forsale board when they
are added and showcase items will always appear at the top of market list 
and market search. There is also a market list option to show only
showcase items. It costs 1 trivia point to make an auction a showcase

There is no way to set a minimum bid when using the marketplace - all
auctions start at 1. If you are not confident that your item will fetch
a good price, it is better sold manually or listed on the regular 
auction system.

To set a buyout price on the item, add the syntax 'buyout [amount]' to 
the end of the 'market sell' command.

Note: A maximum of 5 regular items may be listed per player at a time.
There is no maximum for showcase and rauction items.

Listing/Bidding on items:

Type 'market list' to see the list of items for sale. You can also
filter the list by level, wear location, item type, etc using 'market
search'. See 'help ifilter' for information on how to do this.

To see the stats on an item, type 'market bid <auction #>', and to 
actually place a bid use 'market bid <auction #> <amount>'. If you bid on 
an item selling for QP or TP, you will be asked to confirm your bid. 

You can also see the bidding history of an item using: 'market bid 
<auction #> history'.

You may also use 'lbid' by itself as a shortcut for 'market list', and
'lbid <item#>' is an alias for 'market bid' ('lbid 1234 10000' or just
'lbid 1234' to see its stats).

To place a proxy bid on an item use the syntax 'lbid <item#> <amount>
proxy confirm'. There are some fairly complex rules around proxy bidding,
see 'help proxy bidding' for more information.

Note: Your bid is charged at the time of bidding. If you are outbid
your bid will be refunded automatically. This will happen even if you
are offline at the time.

If an item receives a bid within 10 minutes of closing, its time will
be reset to 10 minutes.

End of auction:

At the end of a marketplace auction, the seller and the highest bidder
at that time will receive a note on the personal board stating that the
bidding is complete. The item is transferred to the buyer and the bid
amount (minus any commission) is transferred to the seller. Neither
character has to be online for this to happen and if buyer or seller no
longer exist, the other side of the transaction will still complete.


Although already covered under the Aardwolf rules on multiplaying, please
note that using your alts to bid on your own listings is completely
forbidden. Bidding on your own items will either drive up the price for
others or transfer gold/QP between your characters. Both of these are
clearly against both the letter and spirit of the rules on multiplaying.

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