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The lizardpeople are a mutant reptilian/humanoid crossbreed race. Standing
just over 4 feet tall, the majority of their height is a long scaly
torso with short human-like arms and legs. While lizardpeople have lost
the aquatic abilities of their ancestors, they have retained a natural
resistance to poison and the ability to inject poisoned venom into
their weapons. Their cold-blooded nature creates a vulnerability to
cold and (to a lesser extent) air attacks, however poison and acid are
much less effective against lizardmen.

                        STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON LUCK
Lizard Starting Stats  :  14  13  13  11  14  10
Training Costs        :  -1    0  -1  +1    0  +1

Permanent Affects      : Detect hidden.
Permanent Skills      : Envenom.

NOTE: Stats are very important on Aardwolf. See 'help train' and 'help
      raceinfo' for information on max stats and the training costs.

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